The New Changes in AWS EC2 instance type EC2 C6gn,EC2 R5b, EC2 G4ad

The New Changes in AWS EC2 instance type EC2 C6gn,EC2 R5b, EC2 G4ad

December 22, 2020 / Nirav Shah

New AWS EC2 instances for best-in-class Memory, Bandwidth and Graphics

In Dec-2020 AWS has announced the latest additions in AWS EC2 services

Let’s figure out what’s the latest changes in AWS EC2 instance type and how it works. But before we move forward we believe that you already know about the default function and application of EC2 instances. If not, you can find more information about AWS EC2 by referring to the below blogs.

We recommend before moving forward please go through with the above blog for more clear understanding.

What is an AWS EC2 Instance?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 is a web and cli based service that allows organizations and individuals to spin-up servers on-demand without any explicit long term monetary commitment. It is designed to minimize the capital expense and convert the same to operational expense.

Amazon EC2 Instance Types

1. General Purpose

General Purpose instances are the most widely used and are an excellent first step if you’re new to AWS or cloud computing in general. They offer a great mix of cost and functionality, with their typical use being geared towards web servers, running development environments for your mobile or gaming apps, and running enterprise applications such as CRMs and ERPs.

2. Compute Optimized

These instances are ideal for applications where you prioritize raw compute power, such as gaming servers, scientific modelling, high-performance web servers, and media transcoding.

3. Memory-Optimized

This instance family is memory-optimized, which you might use for in-memory databases, real-time processing of unstructured big data, or Hadoop/Spark clusters. These instances are ideal for memory-intensive applications such as real-time big data analytics, large in-memory caches, and high-performance databases. The R5 and R5a instances benefit from the AWS Nitro System, which gives you access to almost all of the compute and memory resources of a server (i.e. allocating as little as possible to the OS).

4. Accelerated Computing

These instances use hardware accelerators to perform some functions and applications. They are best used for applications such as machine learning, computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, molecular modelling, genomics, and other high-performance computing workloads.

5. Storage Optimized

The i3 instance type is similar to h1, but it is SSD backed, so if you need an NVMe drive, choose this type. Use it for NoSQL databases, in-memory databases, Elasticsearch, and more.

Instance Type Instance family Description Notation
General Purpose   A1 Good for Scale-out workloads a is for Arm processor
t-family Burstable, good for changing workloads t is for tiny or turbo
m-family Balanced, good for consistent workloads m is for main or happy medium
Compute Optimized c-family High ratio of commute to memory c  is for compute
Memory-Optimized  r family Good for full in memory databases r is for RAM
x family Good for full in memory applications x is for xtreme
High memory Good for large in memory databases for High memory  
z1d Both high compute and high memory z is for zippy
Accelerated Computing p family Good for graphics processing and other GPU uses p is for picture
inf1 Support machine learning inference applications inf is for inference
g family f Accelerate machine learning inference and graphics intensive workloads g is for graphics
f1 customizable hardware acceleration with field programmable gate arrays f is for FPGA or feel as in hardware
Storage Optimized  I family SSD-backed, balance of compute and memory I is for IOPS
d2 Highest disk ratio d is for dense
h1 HDD-backed, balance of compute and memory H is for HDD

Now let’s understand What latest changes AWS has made in instance type,

1. AWS has added instance type in Compute Optimized with EC2 C6gn Instances – 100 Gbps Networking with AWS Graviton2 Processors.

  • New AWS Graviton2-powered, Arm-based C6gn instances deliver 100 Gbps networking performance (4x higher than C6g) and 38 Gbps EBS bandwidth (2x higher than C6g) for compute-heavy workloads.
  • By Amazon EC2 C6gn instances, AWS is expanding its Graviton2 portfolio to help customers to meet the demands of network-heavy workloads with lower costs.
  • They provide 40% better price-performance to compare to current generation network-optimized x86-based instances.

2. AWS has added instance type in Memory-Optimized with Amazon EC2 R5b Instances Provide 3x Higher EBS Performance

  • This will be used for large relational database workloads that benefit Elastic Block Store (EBS) storage, R5b gives three times “instance-to-EBS” performance improvement over the existing R5 instance.
  • By this customer can lift and shift large relational databases applications to AWS.
  • R5b instances are available in the following regions: US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Europe (Frankfurt). RDS on r5b is available in US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Europe (Frankfurt), and support in other regions is coming soon.R5b instances are available in the following regions: US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Europe (Frankfurt). RDS on r5b is available in US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Europe (Frankfurt), and support in other regions is coming soon.

3. AWS has added instance type in Accelerated Computing with Amazon EC2 G4ad Instances Featuring AMD GPUs for Graphics Workloads

  • This will be used for graphics-intensive applications, high-quality images for virtual workstations, game streaming, video transcoding and other jobs.
  • The new G4ad instances enable up to 45% better price-performance for.
  • Three instance sizes are available, from G4ad.4xlarge, with 1 GPU, to G4ad.16xlarge with 4 GPUs.
  • The new G4ad instances will be available soon in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland).

Hope now you have a clear idea about AWS EC2 instance type and instance family!! Stay tuned for the latest updates about AWS in our blog!!

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