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Our AWS Managed Services assists you in adopting AWS with scalability, more effectiveness and complete security. As an AWS cloud service provider, we offer AWS consulting services, enable AWS managed solutions and execute operational practices with proficiency connected to our client's applications and environment.



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AWS managed support services providing company
AWS managed support services providing company

Professional AWS Managed Services

By Highly Experienced AWS Managed Service Provider Company

AWS managed services offer hands-on, preventive, and detective abilities that upsurge your company's business and operational bar and lessens involved risk without confining agility. At Eternal, we help with AWS managed services by extending your current team with functional competencies, tracking, incident discovery & management, safety, and cost optimisation.

As an AWS cloud service provider, our support services are backed by an expert team of AWS-certified professionals with a proven track record of solving business and operational challenges. So, with our managed AWS support services, you leave the cloud computing uncertainties to us and focus on maturing your business better.

How Can Eternal Help You With AWS Database Services?

AWS Database Support Service
Managed Database Support for AWS Cloud

The database is integral to modern-day applications, but not everyone is inclined to have DBAs. Our migration experts are always ready to help you to migrate your application’s DB to AWS at a fraction of the cost when compared to full-time DBA. Whether it is to RDS (with six different DB engines) or any special DB engine as per your application’s requirements, our DB migration experts are always ready to help you out from the most troublesome challenges with the minimum possible downtime.

Managed support for AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

With our managed support for AWS database migration service (DMS), you can migrate to AWS seamlessly and securely. Our migration experts oversee the entire migration process via DMS so that you can focus on business. We support you with homogeneous migrations such as MySQL to MySQL and heterogeneous migrations such as MySQL to Amazon Aurora with the least latency and minimal downtime.

Support for Database Modernization

Catch up to your agile development team’s pace with a modern database. Legacy databases hold up your applications from unleashing their full potential. Modernize your database with Eternal’s exclusive database modernization service that helps you to implement the latest DB engines and scalable Db setup.

How does Eternal Help you with Specialised AWS Managed Services?

As an AWS managed service provider, Eternal helps your organisation by supporting you in resolving AWS-related issues and providing an enterprise-quality support team. Some of the support services enabled by us as a leading AWS solutions provider that you can subscribe to instantly are

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive AWS Cloud consulting services, from current assessments, business strategy, tactical operations and technology roadmap, to enable AWS solutions to design, build, and migrate through AWS managed services.

AWS Orchestration & Management

An AWS orchestrator automates the coordination, management, and association of multifaceted systems, middleware, and a set of cloud services. It trims down the need for personnel. And with this comes a drop in faults involved in cloud procedures.

Cost Optimisation

AWS cloud orchestration can well-organise cloud environments, making optimising costs effortless. It enables IT teams to save the company's funds where there is pointless resource allocation. Precise tagging makes it simpler to organise costs on AWS bills.

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Our AWS Cloud Strategy comprises precise cloud assessment & roadmap, authority and risk mitigation strategies, data handling, AWS architecture design, deployment and support tactics, the total cost of ownership analysis and transformation readiness.

DevOps Automation

Our team of DevOps enable cloud automation, infrastructure-as-code, cloud-native and cutting-edge functionalities and tooling administration to assist in keeping swiftness with transformation, facilitate innovation, and personalise a future-forward AWS solution.

Off-site AWS Administrators

As the cloud has multiple layers to monitor and applications are turning more distributed, monitoring application performance is becoming an issue for System Administrators. We offer capable AWS System administrators right on your premises or off-site for assistance.

Application Performance Monitoring

With application performance monitoring in AWS, we offer stats about numerous parameters within which the AWS services work, facilitating an eye on all the significant metrics which describe the behaviour pattern and state of the AWS services.

Firewall, VPN & DNS Management

Our AWS Network Firewall, VPN and DNS managed services make it simpler to deploy critical network shields for all of the Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). These services can be scaled automatically and used to enable network administrators.

Resolution of AWS Related Incidents

As a leading AWS managed service provider company, we help deploy and configure applications, resolve AWS related incidents and facilitate precise backup and disaster recovery solutions to enable AWS managed services.

AWS Managed Services for Diverse Industries and Domains

As one of the best AWS solutions providers, we have served numerous industries and successfully enabled explicit business domains through AWS managed services.

Significant Benefits of our AWS Managed Services

As a top AWS managed service provider, our specialised AWS managed services come with their own financial, operational and business benefits.

Gain trusted access to
skilled and hard-to-find
cloud professionals.

Access to an AWS partner
to boost value with a robust
cloud environment.

Attain operational efficiencies
with cost-effectiveness and
enhanced performance.

Enhance cloud management
with verified processes,
automation and infrastructure.

Lift the load of cloud
sustenance and tracking
from in-house teams.

Perform more competently,
with compliance and securely
at a lower cost.

Why Select Eternal for AWS Managed Services?

We at Eternal, a leading AWS managed service provider, hold a talented team of dedicated AWS professionals and industry experts to deliver AWS managed services successfully.

  • 100% Data and IP Security 
  • 100% Transparent Development
  • 100% Flawless Solutions Delivered
  • 100% Technical Support Offered
  • 100% Confidentiality with NDA's
  • 100% Project Backup and Restoration
  • 0% Hidden Development Costs
  • Flexibility in Working Hours

Require Specialised Solutions for AWS Data Migration Services?

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FAQs on AWS Managed services

Do I need knowledge of AWS to use it?

AWS Professional Services aims to provide users with field experts to achieve specific outcomes.

How does AWS optimize cost better as compared to other market competitors?

AWS is a behemoth cloud computing service that receives millions of requests daily. These massive economies of scale allow AWS to offer highly competitive prices while keeping the company sustainable and ever-growing. AWS follows the pay-as-you-go and pay-less-when-use-more model.

What performance measurement services does AWS offer?

AWS offers several highly specialised monitoring services for analysing every performance metric from different perspectives. AWS Trusted Advisor offers specific metric reports in six categories of priority/urgency. CloudWatch is a comprehensive dashboard that monitors critical performance metrics and alerts users when any metric deviates from the norm.

What support services does AWS offer?

AWS certifies several third-party organizations and IT companies to offer AWS support and services on their behalf called AWS Consulting Partners. This partner network is highly integrated with the main AWS support team and undergoes rigorous training and certification at various levels to ensure quality control. Depending on the level of employee competence and the number of certified individuals, consulting partners can be classified into 3 levels. The user can pick a company of appropriate level for their specific needs.
Connect with our team, and we will arrange one of our consultants as per your specific project requirement and complete the underlying task.

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