AWS Managed Support Services

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AWS is the behemoth of cloud computing. It is all about managing IT infrastructure in the cloud and collecting the benefits of economies of scale. It’s diverse and ever-growing service offerings it has helped many businesses to rise exponentially in their verticals. With a wider acceptance and implementation of AWS services organizations are able to innovate and deploy faster than ever.

With Eternal’s managed AWS support services, you leave the cloud computing worries to us and focus on growing your business. Eternal’s AWS managed support service is backed by an evergrowing team of AWS certified engineers with a proven track record of solving business-critical issues.

How Eternal helps you?

Eternal helps your organization by supporting you in resolving AWS related issues and providing an enterprise-quality support team. Some of the support services that you can subscribe to instantly are:

Aws Cloud Consulting

Aws Orchestration
& Management

Cost Optimization

Cloud Strategy
& Roadmap

DevOps Automation

Off-site Aws

Application Performance Monitoring

Firewall, VPN &
DNS Management

Resolution of Aws
Related Incidents

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need knowledge of AWS to use it?

The biggest competitive edge of AWS which sets it apart from other options in the market is its ease of access for users of any level. Besides offering automation services like CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk, AWS also offers Consulting Partner services for providing personalized solutions for novice users. AWS Professional Services aims to provide users with field experts to ensure the achievement of specific outcomes.

How does AWS optimize cost better as compared to other market competitors?

AWS follows the pay-as-you-go and pay-less-when-use-more model. AWS if a behemoth cloud computing service and receives millions of requests every day. These massive economies of scale allow AWS to offer highly competitive prices while keeping the company sustainable and ever-growing.

What performance measurement services does AWS offer?

AWS offers several highly specialized monitoring services for analysing every performance metric from different perspectives. CloudWatch is a comprehensive dashboard that monitors acute performance metrics and alerts the user when any metric deviates from the norm. AWS Trusted Advisor offers specific metric reports in six categories in order of priority/urgency.

What support services does AWS offer?

AWS certifies several third-party organizations and IT companies to offer AWS support and services on their behalf called AWS Consulting Partners. This partner network is highly integrated with the main AWS support team and undergoes rigorous training and certification at various levels to ensure quality control. Depending on the level of employee competence and the number of certified individuals, consulting partners can be classified into 3 levels. The user can pick a company of appropriate level for their specific needs.

How can I avail of your AWS services?

Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement and complete the underlying task.

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