AWS DevOps Services

We focus on the infrastructure, so you can focus on the code.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the deployment of IT services by drastically reducing setup costs and time and improving the efficiency and scalability of resources. It virtualizes the provisioning and management of physical infrastructure as well as the deployment of application code. At Eternal, we are always pushing for simplifying and optimizing application development processes to exceed client expectations and market trends. Our incorporation of new technology enables us to suggest better and more refined techniques for implementing client ideas.

AWS DevOps Services

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AWS DevOps Services
  • Deploy required infrastructure within minutes and scale according to changing needs.
  • Accessible through APIs, Software Development Kits or the Command Line Interface based on the programmer’s choice.
  • Benefit from Amazon’s large economies of scale to reduce costs.
  • Highly secure and automated task development to ensure faster and more reliable deployment.
  • Compatible with existing on-premises infrastructure to ensure easy and quick transfer of data and resources,

Our team is constantly developing their expertise in different AWS microservices to provide you with the best optimization for your business needs. Whether it be creating a virtual server network with CloudFormation or migrating to a serverless architecture with AWS Lambda, we can assist you with the background tasks so your energy is utilized doing what you do best.








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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert to explore AWS?

AWS recognizes the need for experimentation and offers several support plans and access methods. The Basic tier offers several free services that allow the user to experiment with AWS basics. Depending on the level of expertise, the user can access AWS via the Management Console (a GUI-based API call system), the Command Line Interface or custom software designed for AWS in the Software Development Kits (SDK)

What makes AWS’ serverless capability unique?

Networking has classically followed a client-server model that requires extensive setup and configuration. AWS envisions that growing user bases and simplification of business processes necessitates the need for a simpler automated architecture. Serverless models remove the infrastructure management aspect of networking to allow focus on core business functions.

Why should I employ AWS for my data storage needs?

It is difficult for any company to accurately estimate their data storage needs and account for future expansion. AWS offers several highly dedicated and specialized storage solutions with extremely high durability and availability. S3, the object store system virtually offers unlimited storage with several access time and cost optimization options. The unique 11-9 durability (99.999999999%) guarantee alone makes this service highly lucrative.

What unique development solutions does AWS offer specifically for developer needs?

Development is one of the key departments for any technology company that needs custom software catering to their exact needs. CodeBuild offers an environment for building and testing new code, CodeCommit allows for hosting of Git repositories, DeviceFarm provides testing of apps on devices in the cloud and much more. AWS continually updates and releases new tools based on user feedback and demand.

What solutions does AWS offer for code monitoring and optimization requirements?

Besides ease of development and performance optimization, AWS also focuses on cost reduction and security. AWS CodeGuru analyses the most expensive lines of code and recommends cheaper alternatives, X-Ray facilitates distributed tracking of correlated systems and CloudWatch provides a detailed dashboard of several metrics classified by parameters and suggested solutions to improve them.

How can I avail of your AWS services?

Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement and complete the underlying task.

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