AWS Database Support Service

Drive your business to pinnacle with data on AWS cloud.

AWS Database Support Service


Data makes the foundation of a successful organization. Data is critical for your business, but you won’t want your teams to waste their time in provisioning and managing resources for the data. Instead, focus on driving innovation and providing excellent customer support for better business performance. AWS cloud helps you to solve a part of your business problem with DBaaS. DBaaS is a new and innovative way of managing data. It removes the problem of managing the underlying infrastructure and software management.

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AWS Database Support Service

Eternal helps your organization with database management challenges in the AWS cloud with the following services that you can utilize at your disposal anytime.

Managed database support for AWS cloud

The database is a very integral part of modern-day applications, but not everyone is inclined to have DBAs. Our migration experts are always ready to help you to migrate your application’s DB to AWS at a fraction of the cost when compared to full-time DBA. Whether it is to RDS (with six different DB engines) or any special DB engine as per your application’s requirements, our DB migration experts are always ready to help you out from the most troublesome challenges with the minimum possible downtime.

Managed support for AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

With our managed support for AWS database migration service (DMS), you can migrate to AWS seamlessly and securely. Our migration experts oversee the entire process of migration via DMS so that you can focus on business. We support you with homogeneous migrations such as MySQL to MySQL and heterogeneous migrations such as MySQL to Amazon Aurora with the least latency and minimal downtime.

Support for Database modernization

Catch up to your agile development team’s pace with a modern database. Legacy databases hold up your applications from unleashing their full potential. Modernize your database with Eternal’s exclusive database modernization service that helps you to implement the latest DB engines and scalable Db setup.

AWS Database Support Service

AWS DB services that we support

AWS Database Support Service
  • Relational : Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift
  • Key-value : Amazon DynamoDB
  • In-memory : Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
  • Document : Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
  • Wide column : Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)
  • Graph : Amazon Neptune
  • Time series : Amazon Timestream
  • Ledger : Amazon QLDB

Frequently Asked Questions

What database solutions does AWS offer?

AWS customizes its database services by query languages and data archival systems. Some architectures are better suited to AWS’ relational systems such as Amazon RDS and Aurora while others require the NoSQL DynamoDB solution. Rapid data retrieval for web applications and gaming applications is facilitated by the Elasticache service.

What is a data lake and what can it be used for?

AWS builds data lakes with raw distributed data (for example - IoT devices, social media data, website clickstreams) in a single consolidated location. This data can be structured or unstructured and does not require any organization to build and test ML models or run analytics. Data lakes are especially important in improving customer service models and sentiment analysis.

What differentiates AWS’s data warehousing solutions from the market?

AWS Redshift has been built with cloud-based big data analytics for Business Intelligence (BI) as a priority. It supports standard SQL for querying exabytes of structures and semi-structures data from the data warehouse, operational database and data lakes. Its integration with services such as Athena, Elastic MapReduce and SageMaker are what makes it unique in the market.

What specific measures does AWS take to make their databases more durable and available?

Databases in AWS can be deployed with the multi-AZ mode - deploying the same database in geographically isolated locations called Availability Zones. Any edits in one database instance automatically replicate to the other. This ensures real-time synchronization of both databases and protects them against loss from failure while also reducing data retrieval latency.

Does AWS provide any blockchain-based database solutions?

The Quantum Ledger Database is a cryptographically verifiable and immutable transaction log developed specifically for cloud-based competency. It eliminates the need for custom blockchain node development and provides a near real-time data flow due to AWS’ phenomenal streaming capability. Retail, supply chain and financial insurance applications that require auditable and accurate log systems can greatly benefit from such a transparent system.

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Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement and complete the underlying task.

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