Custom Software Development for Logistics And Distribution Industry

Your own custom software for supply-chain-management and distribution for efficient digital transformation

Logistics and distribution industry has grown many folds in last half of the century. Globalisation and economic liberalisation have played crucial role in the development of supply-chain-management industry as global leaders continue to enter different markets. One of the major benefits of having this industry is that, neither the producer no the consumer has to worry or maintain a fleet of transportation systems. The transportation, shipping, logistics and distribution can be simply outsourced to logistics providers and rest is taken care by them from pickup to final delivery around the globe.

Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. is one of the very few companies that specialise in the custom software development and integration for the logistics and distribution industry supporting supply-chain management from the ground up. Our expertise comes from developing various enterprise level custom software solutions and solving the most complex problem of our clients. With our expert team of analysts and software development professionals, we ensure to solve the challenges faced by employees in logistics and distribution industry and increase their performance and efficiency manifolds through automation.

What We Offer?

Increase in efficiency

End-to-End solutions to
simplify the process

AI driven solutions for
insights and planning

Integration with CRM and
finance software

Latest technologies
for data security

Mobile apps for
increased productivity

solutions as per need

System for Transportation and Fleet Management

  • Client request processing
  • Request operation time improvement
  • Better customer service
  • Route planning, scheduling stops, optimizing cost-effective deliveries
  • Planning transportation expenses and cost-saving options
  • Forecasting optimized load, minimizing wasted space and reducing freight costs

Software for Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse stock arrangement, real-time entry, and shipment of items
  • Operator workflow optimization
  • Traffic management to decrease number of movements per order in warehouse
  • Accuracy of inventory processes
  • Integration with existing system

Channel Management

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Single interface to control and distribute inventories
  • Manage and update product availability on different portals
  • Track shipping and delivery details with external logistics companies
  • Streamline payment transactions
  • Smart search engine to different customer bases
  • Segregation of customer bases

Distribution Control

  • Tracking product shipments with other logistics partners
  • Route optimization
  • Supply chain security
  • Fuel price volatility
  • Environmental compliance issues
  • Transit time optimization and management
  • Product integrity and damage control
  • Equipment damage control and maintenance

Financial Accounting Management

  • Financial dashboard
  • Company, banking, voucher, tax
  • A/R, A/P, G/L, ledgers
  • P/L, balance sheet, trail balance
  • Fund flow, cash flow, cash/bank book
  • Automated statutory compliance reporting and TDS reports
  • Data import, utilities and interactive reports

Enterprise CRM Solutions

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Client category management
  • City wise data reporting
  • country wise data reporting
  • AI powered reporting & dashboard
  • Daily alerts
  • Advanced MIS Reports
  • Multi-user system
  • User management

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