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Our AWS experts follow a phase-driven approach to design, migrate and optimise your applications to the Amazon cloud. Eternal thrives on being a topmost AWS cloud migration and managing partner of client organisations by offering



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migrating your existing applications to the aws cloud
migrating your existing applications to the aws cloud

Highly Professional AWS Cloud Migration Services

By One of the Leading AWS Migration Services Provider Companies

All the well-established and leading organisations in their respective sectors are moving to a public or hybrid cloud to replace outdated infrastructure and cumbersome maintenance and cut down infra costs. The startups are making an intelligent move by adopting the cloud at the very core of their inception to keep the prices low. Whatever your case, moving to AWS cloud is a journey where your organisation needs to be led by Eternal - an AWS consulting partner. Equipped with years of experience working with Amazon Web Services and countless successful migrations, Eternal is flourishing as an AWS cloud migration partner of organisations by enabling AWS Cloud Migration Services.

A Phase-driven Approach for AWS Cloud Migration Services

By an Expert AWS Migration Services Company

Phase 1 - Business Assessment

AWS experts understand and assess your business objectives, current infrastructure setup and application dependencies.

Phase 2 - Service Discovery & Architecture Planning

As per the assessment report, we handpick AWS services to suit your business and application requirements. Our AWS experts work closely and guide your development team. Based on the services and application requirements, we plan the custom architecture together, implement and test it as a proof of concept.

Phase 3 - Solution Deployment & Support

Following your business objectives and application traffic, your application is migrated to AWS for little to no downtime. Once the deployment is subject to completion, we continue to back your business and development team at your discretion and provide intel on the latest cloud computing norms and best practices from time to time for optimal performance.

How does Eternal Help you with AWS Application Migration and Infrastructure Services?

AWS Migration is the precise procedure of moving data, applications and business components from a client company’s on-premises infrastructure right to the cloud. So, our clients concentrate on growing their business and leave all cloud operational challenges to us.

  • In-house Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Hosting Providers
  • Other Cloud Hosting Providers

AWS Cloud Migration Services for Diverse Industries and Domains

As one of the top AWS migration services providers, we have served numerous industries and enabled business domains through AWS Application Migration Services.

Significant Benefits of our AWS Cloud Migration Services

As one of the best AWS Migration Services provider companies, our proficient AWS Server Migration Service and AWS Application Migration Services come with their own benefits.

End-To-End Management

Boost Agility and
Staff Productivity

Offer Enterprise Solutions

Scale Swiftly

Cost Savings

Cost Reduction

Enable Distributed Components

Integrating Machine Learning (ML)

Higher Scalability

Security and Resilience

Staff Reduction

Data Center Consolidation

Why Select Eternal for AWS Cloud Migration Services?

We at Eternal, a leading AWS Cloud Migration Services provider company, hold a talented team of dedicated AWS professionals and industry specialists to deliver AWS services successfully.

  • 100% Data and IP Security
  • 100% Transparent Development
  • 100% Flawless Solutions Delivered
  • 100% Technical Support Offered
  • 100% Confidentiality with NDA's
  • 100% Project Backup and Restoration
  • 0% Hidden Development Costs
  • Flexibility in Working Hours

Require Specialised Solutions for AWS Migration Services?

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FAQs on AWS Migration Services and Solutions

On-premises server centres incur higher setup and fixed costs. They also require constant maintenance costs and a dedicated support team. It is also difficult, expensive and time-consuming to update the systems. You have to maintain servers for peak capacity which leads to excessive redundancy. AWS Cloud overcomes every single one of these issues.
AWS offers 6 specialized migration strategies (The Six R’s) to facilitate individual user requirements. We can migrate the existing system with almost no modification or re-architect it entirely so that it is optimized for best AWS performance and cost-saving standards. The Database Migration Service facilitates both homogenous and heterogeneous migrations to the cloud for Oracle and MySQL databases.
AWS offers hybrid cloud deployments that incorporate both cloud and on-premises architectures. We understand that sovereignty laws or licensing agreements can bind specific data and software. However, AWS provides the best of both worlds with precise and customised hybrid architectures.
AWS offers several at-rest and in-transit encryption mechanisms to ensure data security. AWS DirectConnect provides the user with a dedicated connection to increase bandwidth throughput and data integrity. Data is only replicated according to user instructions and in locations specified by the user.
Large databases and data lakes can be migrated using the AWS Snow family of devices. The user can upload their data to gigantic devices that AWS mails/transports to them and send it back to be uploaded to the cloud by AWS technicians. 256-bit encryption and escort vehicles ensure data security during transit.
Connect with us, and we will assign one of our expert consultants as per your specific project requirement and perform the underlying task.

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