AWS Infrastructure Management Services

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Managing and maintaining various teams can be a huge challenge for businesses that are keen on delivering the expected value and excelling it all the time. This is especially true for AWS infrastructure management teams and the challenge of maintaining a huge team of AWS specialists is draining: both psychologically and economically.

Staying consistent with AWS’s philosophy of replacing capital expenditures with operational cost, Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. offers its client an off-shore expandable team of professionals that are capable of configuring, maintaining and managing any kind of infrastructure demand on AWS. With these highly experienced AWS certified professionals, we offer AWS infrastructure management services that can be customised as per the client needs like:

Our AWS professionals excel in managing any kind of infrastructure over the AWS platform, that help clients to use and integrate various AWS and third-party services as and when required. Our professionals always consider having hands-on experience with the latest AWS services, some of which are:


Elastic Beanstalk


Elastic Kubernetes Service




AWS Organizations


Elastic Container Service for Docker




AWS Control Tower




AWS License Manager

Set free your business from yearly commitments and change it to the time in which work done. It is the same as freeing yourself from a dedicated hosting provider and switching to AWS where you pay for what is being used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a novice company considering moving to AWS, will I need the expertise to set up my environment?

As a cloud platform that encourages users at all enterprise levels to experiment with its services, AWS offers several support and automation tools such as Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation to rapidly deploy network environments with explicit customization in the fewest steps possible.

Does AWS support external container orchestration tools?

Besides its own container orchestration services (ECS), AWS also incorporates existing Docker and Kubernetes frameworks to give the user the smoothest and most optimized experience. AWS Fargate offers serverless execution of containers, further simplifying the orchestration process.

What provisions does AWS offer for a client that wishes to run separate accounts that are all monitored centrally?

AWS recognizes the need to separate accounts by departments or user groups and presents AWS Organizations as a consolidated solution for these needs. Besides one consolidated bill for all the associated accounts, this service also provides for bulk discounts to be distributed and a centralized dashboard that gives universal visibility into all account activities and performance metrics.

Are there any provisions for centralized control and monitoring of multiple account configurations?

AWS supports multiple billion-dollar businesses and their expansive infrastructure needs with tools such as AWS Control Tower and AWS Config to ensure each account fulfils company described policies while optimizing the custom configurations in adherence with Best Practices. It allows the user to quickly provision and configure new accounts and prescribe their policy limitations.

Which services does AWS offer for developers and technicians that wish to exploit AWS’ automation capability while maintaining visibility and control over the network architecture?

Several architectures require a hybrid mix between capabilities that can be automated and the ones that need to be designed by developers. Services like CodeDeploy and Opsworks fill this gap with their highly specialized and functional tools that can automatically provision and configure EC2 instances according to a user-specified architecture.

How can I avail of your AWS services?

Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement and complete the underlying task.

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