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Tailored IT support solutions you can bank on for your fintech

Finance and trade are the foundation upon which modern society has been built. Commerce has evolved with changing times to accommodate the needs of developing society. Today, more currency exists digitally than in physical form which is a testament to the importance of integrating IT services with trade. Considering how important this sector is, it requires various digital support services such as secure encryption, transaction verifiability and user accessibility.

Eternal Web Pvt Ltd specializes in serving such industries that depend heavily on prompt and dependable IT support. Our adaptability and competency ensures that we are always up to date with current industry trends and continue to innovate our expertise in custom software development for the finance industry and support fintech. Sectors like the stock market critically depend on timing and seamless IT frameworks, it’s something we specialize in providing to our clients whenever required.

What We Offer?

Increased efficiency

Increased customer

Competitive Advantage

Data security

Mobile apps for
increased productivity

AI driven solutions
for insights

Data Security and Integrity

  • Multiple factor authentication
  • Secure transactions
  • Integration with multiple payment channels
  • Distributed data servers
  • Blockchain encryption

Targeted Marketing and Promotions

  • New business models customized to the project’s needs
  • New techniques irrespective of customer base or technology savviness
  • Innovative techniques to target market gaps

Data Analytics

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Store and organize as much data as possible for future reference
  • More interconnected networks to enhance data integrity
  • Classify data and store it categorically to facilitate easier retrieval when needed
  • Develop new data structures customized to the nature of information

Custom Accounting Software Development

  • Custom software for manufacturing, retail, hospitality etc
  • Organize the billing of its customers
  • Track the debtors and notify defaulters
  • Invoicing process in an efficient manner
  • GL – General Ledger
  • AR – Account Receivables
  • AP – Accounts Payable and Procurement

Booking and Auditing

  • Inventory & stock control
  • Time sheet reports software
  • Payroll software
  • Cash and depreciable asset control

Financial Planning

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Financial forecasting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decision process
  • Risk management and reporting

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