AWS Serverless Development Services

AWS Serverless Development Service

The new generation application development service is serverless development services which is beneficial to the product owner as well as the development team.The concept of serverless development service helps to achieve : no server management, pay for use only, scalability, fault tolerance. So aws serverless development team focuses on code only while product owners focus on application agility and innovation.

Two main AWS services which offer serverless development and are most popular.AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate.

AWS Lambda is a very popular event driven AWS serverless development service which offers pay as you go compute service.

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine which works with various AWS services like ECS and EKS. ECS is Amazon Elastic container service and EKS is Elastic Kubernetes services.

AWS Serverless Application Integration


Amazon EventBridge


AWS Step Functions


Amazon SQS


Amazon SNS


Amazon API Gateway


AWS AppSync

AWS Serverless Data Store Services


Amazon S3


Amazon DynamoDB


Amazon RDS Proxy


Amazon Aurora Serverless

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