AWS Serverless Application Development

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AWS Serverless Application Development Services
AWS Serverless Application Development Services

AWS Serverless Application Development Services

The new generation of application development comprises AWS serverless development services, which are highly beneficial to the organisation, product owner and the development team.

The concept of AWS serverless application development assists in accomplishing: no server management, pay-for-use only, superior technology, project scalability, and precise fault tolerance.

AWS Serverless Computing

We work on AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda services that deliver precise serverless development and implementation.

AWS Fargate

With AWS Fargate, we work with numerous AWS services like ECS (Amazon Elastic container service) and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes services). Fargate eliminates the requirement to establish, supervise and handle servers and lets you enable and pay for resources per app. It further enhances safety measures by facilitating application isolation through design.

AWS Lambda

Through AWS Lambda, an event-driven AWS serverless development service, we enable pay-as-you-go computing services, craft workload-aware cluster scaling logic, and sustain event integrations and precise runtimes without managing or maintaining servers.

AWS Serverless Application Integration

Application integration on AWS Serverless application is a suite of services that facilitate interactions between decoupled elements within serverless applications.

Amazon EventBridge

It is a serverless event bus connecting applications and leveraging real-time data from applications, blended SaaS apps, and AWS services.

AWS Step Functions

It is a serverless function orchestrator that sequences AWS Lambda functions and AWS services into crucial business applications.

Amazon SQS

It is a message queuing service that helps you decouple and scale serverless applications, microservices and distributed systems.

Amazon SNS

It is a completely managed messaging service for enabling application-to-person (A2P) and application-to-application (A2A) communication.

Amazon API Gateway

It assists programmers in providing scalable and safe mobile & web applications backend, enabling them to link their apps.

AWS AppSync

It helps build APIs with GraphQL for developing apps quicker by offering front-end developers the capability to query numerous databases.

AWS Serverless Data Store Services

We have built serverless services for all your technology stack's layers, including AWS data store services.

Amazon S3

It offers cloud-based storage for programmers to better store and save any amount of data sets at any point of time.

Amazon DynamoDB

It is a NoSQL database service that facilitates developers to build a database table that better stores and saves datasets while enabling all levels of requested traffic.

Amazon RDS Proxy

It is an entirely managed, accessible database proxy for Amazon Relational Database Service that makes apps scalable, robust to database failures, and protected.

Amazon Aurora Serverless

It is an on-demand, auto-scaling configuration that automatically starts up, shuts down, and scales capacity better as per the application's requirements.

Significant Benefits of Serverless App Development


Pay Per Usage


Effortlessly Deploy Apps


No Worry about Servers


Higher Scalability


Cost Savings


Reusability of Elements

Hire Serverless Developers from Eternal!

Hire serverless developers to build and manage serverless applications where your code operates in processes with every function individually. Serverless Web Development has arisen immensely over the past few years. For getting a viable web solution, hire dedicated serverless developers and programmers in India.

Eternal comprehends the upsurging number of applications and struggles in the marketplace; for the same, our team of talented serverless developers assists in all types of cloud application development with precise serverless architecture.

Our Hiring Models For AWS Serverless Development

Hire Serverless Developers As Per Your Project Requirements!

We offer you our exceptionally practised team and Serverless Developers for Hire on an hourly, part-time and full-time basis.


Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: Flexible
  • Minimum Hours: 40


Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: Flexible
  • Minimum Hours: 40

Full Time

Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: 8
  • Minimum Hours: 40

Our Hiring Process for Serverless Developers

At Eternal, you can easily hire serverless developers and scale the team at any time. Here are the serverless developer hiring stages to engage resources for your serverless development projects.

Stage 1

Post project information
and requirements.

Stage 2

Discuss project details
with our team.

Stage 3

Choose an engagement
model and timeline.

Stage 4

And we initiate
project development.

Key Industries we have Served for Serverless Development

We have served numerous industries and successfully enabled them through serverless technologies.

Why Select Eternal for AWS Serverless Development Services?

We at Eternal hold an expert team of dedicated AWS consultants, Serverless developers, and industry specialists to deliver AWS Serverless application development projects successfully.

  • 100% Data and IP Security
  • 100% Transparent Development
  • 100% Flawless Solutions Delivered
  • 100% Technical Support Offered
  • 100% Confidentiality with NDA's
  • 100% Project Backup and Restoration
  • 0% Hidden Development Costs
  • Flexibility in Working Hours

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FAQs on AWS Serverless Development Services

Which AWS service can you best leverage for Serverless?

Serverless applications initiate with AWS Lambda and an event-driven service natively blended with 200+ precise AWS services and explicit oftware as a service (SaaS) application.

What are the five major components of serverless development?

  1. A web server
  2. FaaS layer
  3. Security token service (STS)
  4. User authentication
  5. Database

What are the use cases for serverless development?

  • Trigger-based tasks
  • Crafting RESTful APIs
  • Asynchronous processing
  • Safety checks
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)

What are the future aspects of serverless computing?

Serverless computing is the modern trend in the cloud computing space. It has made building, deploying, and scaling apps much more straightforward. Now developers don't need to worry about anything other than their programming. They don't require provisioning a server or installation of software to operate their code.

Can a serverless app be completely automated?

You can build serverless applications with a precise automated deployment pipeline right from the explicit AWS Lambda console. In this scenario, you can now effortlessly adopt the most acceptable practices like continuous delivery and infrastructure as code.

What is the variance between Microservices and Serverless?

Microservices is leveraged to build many diverse applications with the assistance of containers. On the other hand, serverless is an explicit environment utilised to perform the code anyway and from anywhere.

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