Custom Software Development for Hotel and Wellness Industry

Complementing traveller delight with digital solutions

Hotel and Wellness Industry Custom Software Development

The past few decades have seen rapid digitalization in every industry. The hotel industry is no exception to this development. Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. has continually set itself apart by adopting new-age business solutions for emerging challenges. Our proficient team caters to a wide-range of hotel management needs irrespective of scale. The world has undergone mass globalization and production outsourcing in the last decade which has caused a surge in domestic and international travel. This created a potential market for the hospitality industry to step in and compete to provide higher client satisfaction.

An extensive and vital section of this industry depends on providing a user-friendly digital experience to the guests. Each step of the guest experience, beginning from SEO of search results and reviewing hotel options right until checkout must be digitally managed. Eternal excels in providing the large scale technical support that these sizable projects require by customizing the design process according to the individual business requirements. We grasp the vitality of customer support and interaction for the hospitality industry and implement these requirements at every step.

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Hotel Management System

  • Enable users to review rooms and vacancies
  • Enable users to make reservations
  • Manage bills,payments and receipts
  • Generate statistical reports
  • Inventory Management and Accounting
  • Activities booking (restaurant, spa, on-site activities)
  • Provide check-in as quickly as possible (QR code based)
  • Facilitate digital marketing and promotions
  • Database for storing guest information
  • Personalized notifications and targeted promotions
  • Mass notifications for offers and deals
  • Financial Reporting (Revenue/Expenses)

Back-Office Support

  • Tariff management
  • Staff schedule management (housekeeping, servers etc)
  • Customizable website layout
  • Optimization with different hotel reservation search engines (Trivago, OYO etc)
  • Quick response to market changes
  • Product and service bundling
  • Pricing strategies (dynamic pricing based on market trends, past reservations)
  • Seamless integration with the front desk services
  • Accurate tracking of different services (restaurant, gym, spa etc)
  • Channel Management
  • Point of Sale Services (for streamlining all hotel facilities and their

Customer Data Management

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Single interface to control and distribute inventories and reservations
  • Global Distribution Systems, Online Travel Agencies, Direct booking platforms
  • Streamline payment transactions
  • Metasearch engines that cater to different customer bases
  • Segregation of individual, group and corporate reservations
  • Synchronization of the hotel reservation website with external channels

Housekeeping and Staff Management

  • Room status management
  • Staff Assignment
  • Task Assignment
  • In-room services (minibar tracking and stocking, room service)
  • Disruptions and Complaint Management
  • Repair Notices and Follow Ups
  • Location based segregation of personnel and tasks
  • User feedback management

Construction Project Management

  • Integration with front-desk system
  • Manage Loyalty program (award points based on number of services availed or total amount payable)
  • Store data in the most accessible format to provide rapid information retrieval
  • Tracking future guest requirements and requests (Improves customer satisfaction)
  • Catering to individual guest requirements (allergies, pets, varied check-in/check-out times)
  • Integration with existing legacy PMS
  • Measure guest experience by attributes (narrows down minute aspects that can be improved)
  • Manage pre and post stay experience
  • Targeted promotions based on user data
  • Targeted promotions for special offers and discounts
  • Personalized notifications for birthdays and anniversaries

Event Management

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Customization for conference, corporate meetings, family events etc
  • Promotional discounts for larger groups
  • Dedicated staff and services for events
  • Dedicated property assignment for events
  • Organize public events for public holidays (New Year’s Eve, Christmas etc)
  • Manage guest lists for events
  • Extra staff assignments (security, servers, front desk staff)
  • Management of add-on services (guided tours, airport shuttles)

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Organic marketing (SEO)
  • Create and maintain online presence
  • Guest testimonials
  • Online reputation management (ORM)
  • Product and service differentiation
  • Google adwords (PPC)
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital profile management
  • Google My Business management
  • Shopping feed Management

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