At Eternal, we cater to your business needs by enabling custom Odoo development requirements through a highly comprehensive approach. Our Odoo developers leverage modern-day tools and iterative research models and upgrade your development projects to the latest Odoo versions.

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We aim to exceed your expectations by providing upgraded Odoo ERP development services. Experience seamless integration with our advanced and end-to-end Odoo development solutions. Eternal is proud of being recognised as one of the premier and most trusted Odoo development companies. We are steadfastly committed to offering top-notch customisation and implementation services within the Odoo ERP ecosystem. Our highly skilled technical experts are dedicated to developing, implementing, and designing ERP solutions that provide unparalleled benefits to our new and loyal clientele. As an Odoo development company, we are successful in helping our clients achieve their strategic business objectives with technical excellence, extensive domain experience, and diverse project management skill sets. By collaborating with us, you can maximise your operational productivity and technical efficiency and facilitate company growth with a one-stop Odoo development platform that accelerates all aspects of your business.

What are the Odoo Development Services Offered by Eternal?

At Eternal, we focus on addressing sustainable technology solutions for your business with our Odoo development services. We can solve unique technical challenges and drive business growth in multiple industry verticals.

Odoo App Development

We provide full-fledged Odoo application development services to help companies turn their ideas into innovative software solutions that aim to streamline and automate complex operational workflow. Our experts develop user-friendly Odoo apps with additional features and functions as per your requirements. We design and deploy applications that are compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.

Odoo Website Development

At Eternal, we are experts in creating dynamic and high-end websites using the Odoo platform. Whether for an e-commerce niche or the publishing industry, we provide easy-to-use solutions customised for your business. Our skilled team builds websites with rich graphics and smart features by leveraging Odoo’s exceptional functionalities. Trust us to create websites that exceed your expectations and enable quick business maturity.

Odoo Store Development

Our developers excel in integrating Odoo ERP systems with e-commerce stores. We customise and harness robust features for seamless integrations. Our teams use the Odoo development platform to deliver optimised solutions, increasing your engagement levels and operational growth. We make your Odoo store development process smooth and efficient to ensure success in the online experience for your customer base.

Odoo Theme Development

Odoo has default themes loaded with essential features and functions. Our web design and app development experts ensure crafting visually appealing result-driven themes for front-end and back-end development to enhance your user experience and speak your brand identity. We also customise themes to make them compatible with third-party modules using the Odoo platform.

Odoo Module Development

At Eternal, we offer customised modules with unique features and functions to suit your needs. Our modules are tailored to enhance and add new functionalities to your system. Whether you need to add or modify new features in a module, we provide seamless integration and a user-friendly experience. Our expertise helps you to elevate module capabilities and scale your operations enormously.

Odoo Development Support

We back you in maintaining consistent performance across various devices and platforms. Our team carefully monitors your app’s functionality, rapidly reducing downtime and solving issues. We provide strong technical support for timely updates and assistance. Experience seamless app performance with our Odoo development support services, ensuring your system runs smoothly without interruptions.

Significant Benefits of Odoo Development

Whether an enterprise or a startup, you can consolidate all your business activities through our Odoo development services. By partnering with us, you can maximise your ROI by enabling automation, resource management, and optimising development processes.

Outcome-Driven Processes Flexible and Scalable Solutions Enhanced Sales Opportunities Cost-effective Solutions
Seamless Customisations End-to-end Integrations Continuous Upgrades Support and Maintenance

Hire Odoo Developers from Eternal!

At Eternal, we have a dedicated team of Odoo developers to meet all your custom development needs and project requirements. Our team has in-depth expertise in functional and technical knowledge for the Odoo platform. Furthermore, our developers are fully trained in Odoo to make custom developments using Odoo Enterprise source code. We have a hand-picked and reliable team of full-stack Odoo developers who are professionally skilled and certified, having extensive experience working on Odoo ERP projects. As an experienced service provider, we have delivered top-notch Odoo solutions like Odoo marketplace, multichannel connectors, and integrations. From custom Odoo development to Odoo implementation and optimisation services, our developers have solutions for every business and operational problem.

Our Hiring Models For Odoo Development

Hire Odoo Developers As Per Your Project Requirements!

Hire multiple Odoo resources based on your project’s demand. We have professionals who are fully committed to your project’s success. Whether you need hourly, part time hiring or a custom quote, our team is here to assist you.


Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: Flexible
  • Minimum Hours: 40


Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: Flexible
  • Minimum Hours: 40

Full Time

Our Hiring Models Clock
  • Hours Per Day: 8
  • Minimum Hours: 40

Our Hiring Process for Odoo Developers

You can easily hire our technology consultants, developers, and coders to enable your Odoo ERP development project. They meticulously discuss, research, and start implementing the development tasks. The work dynamics between them differ across project stages.

Stage 1

Post project
information and requirements.

Stage 2

Discuss project details
with our team.

Stage 3

Choose an engagement
model and timeline.

Stage 4

And we initiate
project development.

Key Industries We have Served for Odoo Development

We specialise in delivering high-end Odoo development services to empower businesses across multiple industries, from real estate and finance to travel and manufacturing. We expand to create tailored solutions and meet the unique needs of each industry sector.

Why Choose Eternal for Odoo Development Services?

Our efficient technology architecture ensures seamless operations. We have a proven record of providing affordable and supreme solutions specialising in domain-specific development projects and smooth business management.

  • 100% Data and IP Security
  • 100% Transparent Development
  • 100% Flawless Solutions Delivered
  • 100% Technical Support Offered
  • 100% Confidentiality with NDA's
  • 100% Project Backup and Restoration
  • 0% Hidden Development Costs
  • Flexibility in Working Hours

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What Our Clients Have To Say

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Why do you require a professional Odoo development partner?

A professional Odoo development partner ensures expertise in customising and implementing Odoo solutions according to the client’s business requirements. Plus, they give ongoing support, optimise performance, and provide seamless integrations that increase the benefits of the Odoo platform for their business success.

How much time does it consume to fruitfully develop apps in Odoo?

The time required to develop an Odoo app depends on complexities, features, and customisation. However, a well-planned app development project can take a few weeks to several months to get a fruitful outcome.

Why is Odoo development platform cost-effective compared to other platforms?

Odoo development platform is cost-effective than other platforms as it is open-source in nature. It helps to eliminate licensing fees and reduce initial investments. Also, its MC architecture allows for easy scalability and customisation by saving on long-term expenses against proprietary platforms.

How does Eternal deliver efficient Odoo development services?

Eternal delivers resourceful Odoo development services by leveraging a skilled team that uses best industry practices and a systematic approach toward project management. We ensure smooth client communication and take feedback positively to work on it effectively for optimal performance and timely delivery.

How does Eternal help you capitalise on the benefits of Odoo development platform?

We offer our clients tailored tech solutions using Odoo development platform to streamline their business processes, enhance productivity, and drive operational growth. Our teams have expertise in Odoo development projects and ensure seamless integrations, optimal performance, and ongoing support to maximise the value derived from the Odoo platform.


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  • Result-driven Consulting and Development
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