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Manufacturing Industry Custom Software Development

Perhaps one of the most timeless sectors in existence since the conception of civilization, manufacturing enables the opulent lifestyle that we take for granted today. Despite declining employment opportunities, its contribution toward the global economy remains unchanged. The Information Age has transformed this industry in unprecedented ways from the production stage right up till marketing and logistics.

Eternal Web Pvt Ltd is equipped to cater to an industry as meticulous and demanding as Manufacturing. Our versatility and proficiency enable us to overcome challenges effectively and promptly. Depending on scale, this industry can have a handful or numerous stages, each with its own intricacies. An integral requirement of this industry is collaboration and pipelining stages of the supply chain, something Eternal specializes in. Our progressive approach and radical digital solutions work towards streamlining the different production stages, tracking each step and resolving issues that arise. We comprehend the design process and customize it depending on specific product requirements.

What We Offer?

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Production Planning

  • Planning process of procuring materials
  • Outlining steps of production
  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Organizing subassemblies of parts according to time required to maximise output
  • Identify bottlenecks in the production line and suggest alternatives
  • Finalize Master production schedule
  • Manage process and update reports

Production and Equipment Maintenance

  • Tracking materials being sent to plant and products being prepared
  • Reviewing each stage of assembly line for defective products
  • Logging defective equipment and flagging it for replacement/repair
  • Managing equipment service orders
  • Manage industrial waste disposal
  • Logging labour and staff work schedules

Inventory Management

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Creating and managing lists of dependent constituent products
  • Keep track of production schedules and orders of constituents
  • Managing warehouses of finished products
  • Keeping track of exact location of product in warehouse
  • Tracking products which must be shipped to retailers first
  • Segregate perishable and non-perishable products
  • Maintain Inventory Records File and Bill of Materials

Testing and QA

  • Transportation of products to testing facilities
  • Make necessary updates based on QA feedback
  • Conduct public online surveys and note feedback
  • Keep log of expected and encountered errors
  • Production and Quality Control

Channel Management

  • Single interface to control and distribute inventories
  • Manage and update product availability on different portals
  • Track shipping and delivery details with external logistics companies
  • Streamline payment transactions
  • Metasearch engines that cater to different customer bases
  • Segregation of customer bases
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies based on demand, market trends and past sales

Sales and Distribution

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Tracking product shipments with logistics companies
  • Partnering with retailers and wholesalers
  • Partnering with other companies that may need our finished product as a component
  • Gathering sales information from each retailer
  • Observing sales trends over different periods and demographics


  • Planned Order Schedules - Quantity and Timeline of Future Material Orders
  • Order Releases - Authorize orders to be made
  • Edits in Order Releases - Cancellations, Quantity Changes
  • Performance Control Reports - Track issues (missed/delayed deliveries, stockouts)
  • Plan reports - future inventory requirements
  • Exception reports - outline major issues such as excessive scrap rates

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Organic Marketing (SEO) reports
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) reports
  • Google Adwords (PPC) reports
  • Social Media Marketing reports
  • Digital Profile Management
  • Google My Business listing management

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