Maintenance & Support

Eternal offers a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance and support services along with flexibility of engagement models and project scopes.

You will have peace of mind with all your maintenance and support challenges like


Business Continuity

We understand the importance of business continuity therefore we at Eternal take accountability and make sure your entire operation is up and running without any glitches.



Every business is different therefore you do not need an in-house IT expert for all your needs. Team Eternal works as your technology partner and one of our specialist team become yours.



In order to run your functional operations smoothly we make sure your system work bug-free with minimal downtime because of server needs.

Our Services

Eternal Customer Support team is continuously educated and trained to address the needs of your business. We offer the following technical support services.

OS and server migration

For non-IT organization to maintain servers and IT infrastructure to run operation smoothly is difficult. Eternal helps you to give cloud base solution and ready to take all your infrastructure responsibility. We make sure you get 99.99 up time with our expert server support. We also help customers to migrate to AWS cloud to gain maximum benefits of AWS infra.

Software maintenance and proactive support

As we know software is evolving process we always read to provide maintenance for the product we have developed. Make sure software run smoothly and provide standby service in case of any urgency. Also, discuss with project owners about future development in a proactive manner. We also warn customer when backup needed, if foreseen any technical problem or any kind of problem that affect client business.

Third Party Solution and Maintenance

Eternal help business owners if they have already buy a solution from some third party and wants to avail maximum benefits from it via enhancement and maintenance. There ready lots of ready-made CMS as well as API based solution available where we have gain expertise in many areas and we utilize our experience and expertise to speed up and enhance the business.

Third party application takeover process

If you have already developed application somewhere else and you would like to get maintenance and enhancement support, Team Eternal is here.


Code Review

Documentation Review

Understand Business Needs


Urgent Fixes

Performance check and improvement

Server upgrade

Code recovery


Functional Road map

Impact Analysis

Agile Approach


Server and infra Setup

Preventive Maintenance

Version controls

Backup and Recovery

  • 1


  • 2

    Configuration management

  • 3

    Release management

  • 4

    Knowledge management

  • 5

    Quality management

Support Level Approach

Issue processing on all 3 support levels



  • Work full time
  • Focus on single project
  • Take responsibility
  • Constant Enhancement
  • Cost Benefit


  • Part-time support
  • Focus on Multiple projects
  • Take Responsibility
  • Enhancement/Maintenance gradually
  • Cost Benefit

Time and

  • Team Standby when required
  • Provide estimation and Go
  • Phase wise development
  • No clear project Plan

Building the Bridget between Development and Operations

We know, when we work as a maintenance and support service no mistakes allow because it directly impacts on client ROI. We have adopted hybrid agile mythology to make sure all your operations upto date and speedup the enhancement which helps your business to grow. With a decade of experience especially in software maintenance and enhancement service, we have industry standard process and we are used to with below tools, technology and approach.

  • Project Management System like Teamwork, JIRA, Basecamp, others
  • DevOps helps continuous delivery, deployment and integration
  • Docker support
  • Version Control like GIT / SVN, GIT LAB, GIT HUB

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