Hire Dedicated Developers

We take responsibility. You take advantage.

A dedicated development centre at Eternal is a contractual engagement model built around team productivity optimization with exclusive long-term outsourcing associations.


Eternal-Managed Dedicated Teams

Are you looking for tech talent for your software development needs? For end-to-end coverage of your technology needs Eternal offers full-fledge rigorous set up which is efficiently managed by our specialists while ensuring full visibility of the project phase.


Client-Managed Dedicated Teams

Our client-managed dedicated team model is the perfect solution for you when your ongoing project requires ad hoc demands, new and upgraded technologies, or domain-specific expertise.

Eternal’s dedicated business and technology specialists will ensure your project runs consistently and cost-effectively to fill the gap across your present and futuristic project needs.

Offshore ddc setup and operation



  • Needs & requirements analysis
  • Scope definition, expertise
  • Candidates screening and team


  • Team setup
  • Environment, tools, infrastructure setup
  • Process and methodology definition
  • Communication processes
  • Project kick-off


  • Operation review and adjustment
  • Maximum productivity achieved and maintained
  • Team size adjustment (scale up/down)
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing

Bigger than a technology partnership

Eternal’s extended expertise pool

  • Niche technology and domain experts at your door step on as and when need basis
  • Continuous monitoring and adoption of industry best practices
    and technological innovations
  • Accumulated domain-specific expertise
  • Proprietary methodology and processes know-how

Your dedicated team with Eternal

  • Integrated communication, transparency & full visibility during the project phase.
  • Experts hand-picked to fit in with your specific project needs
  • Seamless communication, transparency & full visibility into
    the progress
  • Onsite visits/presence on demand
  • Profound understanding of your business

Typical Engagements


With your ongoing software development needs, QA or tech support team gives businesses carte blanche to shift priorities and introduce changes to the initial scope. Eternal takes responsibility for monitoring team productivity against predefined KPIs and ensures efficient team operation with cost-effective delivery.

Technology Solutions to Business Problems


We have all-embracing experience setting up dedicated product development teams and product development ecosystems for high-tech companies, ISVs and tech startups. Our approach is to fit together specialists with the utmost degree of technological and domain proficiencyneeded to bring your tech product to precise success.

Outsourced Product Development


For bringing your technology product right to success, we have wide-ranging experience to set up a devoted product development team and product development process for high-tech organisations, ISVs and technology startups.

DevOps Enablement



The longest cooperation



The biggest DDC team

Why Eternal

One-stop vendor

We are one-stop provider for full-cycle software development services. Eternal maintains the versatile technical expertise required to handle end-to-end delivery of large-scale, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects.

Team scalability

With Eternal, you can start with one dedicated expert right away or assemble a full-featured team in just 2-3 weeks. We have the capacity to seamlessly scale the team up and running in line with the project needs and involve subject matter experts on an ad hoc basis.

Knowledge retention

Well-established processes of intelligent product knowledge accumulation, retention and structuring enable Eternal to pass the aggregated project experience to new team members and to the customer in its entirety upon project delivery.

Dedicated working

Eternal has the organizational capability to allocate a segregated project infrastructure and a dedicated working environment and office space for a dedicated team working for a particular client.