Custom Software Development for Lighting Industry

Technology solutions for the ever dynamic lightning industry

Custom Software Development for Lighting Industry

Lightning is one of the most important industries for modern and coming generations around the globe. It is one of the most basic necessities that goes unnoticed until one encounter’s darkness. Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. understands the true importance of the lightning industry and their requirements and has acquired this knowledge by developing custom software solutions for various industry leaders and independent vendors. At Eternal, we develop software that are useful for the lightning industry and precisely fit their needs in numerous scenarios.

Because of its sheer presence at almost every place around the globe, the lightning industry requires and accounts for a huge amount of electricity. Growing from halogen and fluorescent lights to LED, the lightning industry has seen massive adoption of technology and contributed the most unprecedented innovation. To keep this spirit up, we at Eternal provide custom built software solutions for lightning manufacturers, providers, retailers and auditors to minimize the costs and maximize the energy savings. Our software solutions are designed and developed to provide easy accessibility, top notch security and high availability even in scenario of no internet.

What We Offer?

ICP based energy and
CO2 footprinting

Retrofit vs Modern
cost benefit analysis

Strict standards as per
global and national
lighting associations

IoT custom software
development and

LiFi solution design
and development

SaaS and smart
lightning software
solution development

Marketing and sales
data management

Vendor and retailer
management with
integrated data

Advanced planner for
task management

Logistic planning,
management and

AI powered analytics
for accurate

Mobile CRM and
audit management

Production Planning

  • Planning of material requirement
  • Scheduling of master production
  • Definition of production process
  • Measuring machine/mould/dies efficiency
  • Centralised work center management

Global Compliance Management

  • Manage global and local compliance for CO2 emissions
  • Maintain regulatory compliance of of energy ratings
  • Calculate cost savings of Retro vs Modern light fittings
  • Manage planning of retrofitting projects
  • Manage audit plan
  • Audit retrofitting projects from mobile app

Configuration and Production Planning

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Plan bill of material
  • Manage engineering change request
  • Manage engineering change note
  • Job work management
  • Tools and equipment tracking

Total Quality Excellence and Management

  • Quality check process
  • Quality check for finished goods
  • Quality check for procured material
  • Document management
  • Quality compliance management

Purchase Management

  • Supplier evaluation
  • RFP/ Quote management
  • Digital quote comparison
  • Project wise purchase management
  • Purchase budget and approval
  • Supplier order management

Finance Management

Eternal Soft Solutions Expertise
  • Statutory financial compliance management
  • Automatic TDS, GST & tax Calculation
  • Interactive reporting dashboard
  • P&L fund & cash flow
  • Debit note/ credit note

Inventory Management

  • Inventory planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Material inward/outward
  • Physical stock verification
  • Stock costing and valuation

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Organic Marketing (SEO) reports
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) reports
  • Google Adwords (PPC) reports
  • Social Media Marketing reports
  • Digital Profile Management
  • Google My Business listing management

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