3 easiest method To install and configure WordPress on AWS

3 easiest method To install and configure WordPress on AWS

October 27, 2023 / Nirav Shah

Option 1: Install WordPress on EC2 – Manually:

Installing WordPress on an Amazon EC2 instance manually involves setting up a web server, a database server, and configuring WordPress from scratch. Customization Manual installation provides complete control over the configuration and customization of your WordPress setup. You can choose the web server, database, and other components to best suit your needs. Cost-Efficiency You have more control over resources, potentially saving costs as you can optimize your server to your specific requirements. Security You can implement your own security measures and best practices right from the start, enhancing the security of your WordPress site.

Here is the quick step by step guide to install WordPress with Manually:


Option 2: Deploy WordPress on EC2 with CloudFormation stack

Deploying WordPress with a CloudFormation stack involves using AWS CloudFormation, a service that allows you to define and provision infrastructure as code. CloudFormation enables you to define your infrastructure as code, making it easier to version, manage, and automate your WordPress deployment. This helps ensure consistency and reproducibility. CloudFormation allows you to design your infrastructure for scalability. You can easily adjust the number of resources (e.g., EC2 instances) as your WordPress site’s traffic fluctuates. CloudFormation handles the rollback of resources in case of deployment failures, and it allows you to update your stack while preserving existing resources.

Here is the quick link guide to install WordPress with CloudFormation stack


Option 3: WordPress installation using Marketplace Pre-configured AMI

Launching a WordPress Amazon Machine Image (AMI) through the AWS Marketplace’s pre-configured AMI option allows users to quickly and effortlessly set up a fully optimized and ready-to-use WordPress environment. The pros of using such a solution include immediate access to a well-tuned, secure, and efficient WordPress setup, significantly reducing the time and expertise required for manual configuration. These pre-configured AMIs often come with automatic updates, support, and potentially built-in features, saving time, ensuring a reliable WordPress site, and offering peace of mind for users of all skill levels.

Here is the quick link guide to install WordPress with Marketplace Pre-configured AMI

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