Why Is AWS a Behemoth of Cloud Computing?

Why Is AWS a Behemoth of Cloud Computing?

November 22, 2020 / Nirav Shah

Andy Jassy is the CEO of Amazon Web Services, and he said that “Invention requires two things.


Why Is AWS a Behemoth of Cloud Computing?

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1. The ability to try a lot of experiments,
2. Not having to live with the collateral damage to failed experiments.”

Andy Jassy CEO of Amazon Web Services

At Amazon Web Services, startups could go and try out new ideas and then if the idea didn’t work they could just go in and terminate it.

Prior to Amazon offering its services as AWS and advent of cloud, you would go and you’d get a server, and you’d get it from a provider like Rackspace etc.

A simple setup, for example, would be like:

Two web servers, two database servers, a switch, some firewalls, and a load balancer,
your cost is probably around $20,000 just to get the equipment.

And that meant a lot of money for startups.

With AWS, they started provisioning virtual machines, and you could go in and provision them instantly. You could do it at the click of a button. And you could just run that virtual machine
for a couple of minutes and then terminate it.

And it’s really simple as navigating a website.

In 2003, Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black presented a paper on what Amazon’s own internal infrastructure should look like.

AWS summit new york city

  • AWS first launched SQS and this basically is a queue service or a message service and allows you to decouple your infrastructure. That was launched in 2004.
  • Then AWS as a business officially launched in 2006.
  • By 2007, over 180,000 developers were on the platform.
  • By 2010 all amazon.com resources moved over to Amazon Web Services.
  • In 2012 Amazon had their first re:Invent Conference. Now re:Invent is held in Las Vegas every year. At re:Invent, what Amazon does is they release all the new services.
  • In 2013, Amazon released the certifications.
    1. Solutions architect,
    2. Developer certifications
    3. SysOps Administrator etc
  • And they started with the associate levels, then they brought out the professional levels,
    and now they’ve brought out the speciality levels. There are currently more than ten certifications to compete from.
  • In 2014, Amazon’s data centres are mostly powered by renewable energy,
  • And by 2015 AWS broke out its revenue, and they were making US$7 billion per annum.

AWS revenue chart by the year from 2013 to 2019

  • By 2016 they had a run rate of US $13 billion.
  • And by 2017 re:Invent released a host of artificially intelligent services. So these were services like Polly and Lex, and these are the things that power Alexa. After that, They released SageMaker which is a type of machine learning.
  • In 2018 AWS launched machine learning certificates, and they had a heavy focus on automation, AI and ML.

Amazon Web Services is going to be around for decades. And the demand is just going to keep growing as more and more businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud.

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