Tablet Application to Audit Electricity Consumption

Tablet Application to Audit Electricity Consumption

August 14, 2018 / Nirav Shah

Electricity based luminescent devices are need of all the human beings around the world. No one can imagine a world with a light bulb or as in these days a LED bulb or a compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). We all use these devices. Most of us don’t know that these luminescent devices contribute to the global carbon emissions. The older these devices get, the more they contribute to carbon emissions.

If you are one of those person who thinks to preserve our natural habitat and reduce the risk of global warming, then you must be knowing ways to contribute to this cause. Among one of many ways is to make sure that your new building or an old structure has up-to-date light fittings. This investment in lightning process may not seem much use to you at first. But believe us this would be a game changer and a part of your whole building management process.

How does this app helps a building manager?

  1. This application helps a building manager in managing his audit team.
  2. The app provides an easy interface and real time data about how much electricity and money will be saved in coming years.
  3. No need to worry about compatibility issue among different lightning equipments and the way they would look on your beautiful building.
  4. Real time data on reduction in carbon emissions.
  5. Once installed and updated the user of the app can continue to work in it in absence of internet connectivity that is an issue in underdeveloped and areas in corner.
  6. A single place to get all the data from all the major manufactures around the globe.
  7. Once a manufacturer is registered he can add products and specifications which would be readily available to the app users and building managers for managing their team.
  8. A single login for accessing all services – don’t worry about remembering multiple user id and passwords.

If you want to implement a comprehensive lightning strategy for your building and save money right from beginning contact us to be a part of world changing revolution.

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