Simple Queue Service (SQS) Deep-Dive

Simple Queue Service (SQS) Deep-Dive

March 9, 2021 / Eternal Team

  • SQS is a Polling service in AWS.
  • SQS is fast, reliable and fully managed message queue service.
  • It is a web service that gives you access to a message queue that store message waiting to be processed.
  • It offers a reliable, highly scalable hosted queue for storing message between server.
  • It allows the decoupling of application components such that a failure in one component does not cause a bigger problem to application functionality.
  • Using SQS, you can no longer need a highly available message cluster or the burden of running it.
  • You can delete all messages in SQS without deleting the SQS queue itself.
  • You can use an application on EC2 instance to read and process the SQS queue message.
  • The application on EC2 instance can process the SQS message than post the results to other SQS queue or other AWS Service.

AWS Queue Types

Standard Queue FIFO queue
  • High or unlimited throughput
  • At least one delivery
  • Duplicity is not possible
  • Best offer ordering
  • Limited throughput
  • Exactly one processing
  • Duplicity is possible
  • First in first out ordering

As we know SQS is polling services from AWS.

There are two types of pulling.

Short polling – A request returns immediately even if a queue is empty and it does not wait for the message to appear in the queue.

Long polling – long-polling does not return a response until a message arrives in the message queue.

SQS Pricing

Billing is based on the API request. The first 1 million monthly requests are free. After that pricing is accordingly to the region which is mentioned at the official AWS page. For example, In Mumbai region

  • Standard Queue – $0.40/million request
  • FIFO Queue – $0.50/million request

With this information, you can decide and use as per the requisite volume.


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