Bottlerocket – An Open Source OS SPECIFICALLY for Hosting Containers by AWS

Bottlerocket – An Open Source OS SPECIFICALLY for Hosting Containers by AWS

March 13, 2020 / Nirav Shah

Hello Cloudies, We are back with the latest news of AWS….

On 11th March, 2020, Amazon Web Services launched a very innovative service and named it BottleRocket. This blog post is designed to take you on spin of AWS Bottlerocket service and make a well informed decision to use it.

Bottlerocket, is a Linux-based open source operating system and it is specially designed and developed to run various containers on virtual machines. Bottlerocket supports both types of container images: Docker and Open Container Initiative (OCI) format. That proves it is compatible with all Linux-based containers.

From a security perspective, Bottlerocket prevents the system access via SSH and performs file integrity checks during boot time. Bottlerocket uses essential software to run containers, which improves resource utilization.

Working process of Bottlerocket

Working process of Bottlerocket a Linux-based open source operating system


Features Of Bottlerocket

  • Single-step update to all container applications.
  • Auto-update using other AWS container service.
  • High security and resource management.
  • API access for configuration.
  • Now let’s see, how to deploy Bottlerocket on AWS?

AWS gives an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Bottlerocket that you can use to run on supported EC2 instance types from the AWS console, CLI, and also SDK. AWS will also proivde Bottlerocket builds that are pre-configured for EKS.


Bottlerocket needs at least 1vCPU and 512MB of RAM. Bottlerocket does not support PV(Paravirtual) instance types.

And if you want to deploy and operate Bottlerocket using Kubernetes please go through the link below,


For pricing we would like to quote AWS.

  • Bottlerocket is provided at no additional charge. Standard Amazon EC2 and AWS charges apply for running Amazon EC2 instances and other services.

So Bottlerocket is provided at no additional charge, however for specialized assistance you might have to subscribe to AWS support plans.

More information at

Some companies are launching the project in cooperation with a number of technology partners like: Alcide, Armory, CrowdStrike, Datadog, New Relic, Sysdig, Tigera etc.

This service is very useful for improving DevOps productivity. For more information on DevOps toolkit visit our DevOps article link.


Bottlerocket is a linux OS developed for rapid deployment of applications and services built with the agile concept of software development. It is built for the purpose of running containers and allows you to manage a large number of container hosts identically with automation. Bottlerocket instances are intended to be an infrequent operation for advanced debugging and troubleshooting. It is one step closer operational and variable cost optimization.

Remember, there’s a lot of documentation out there from AWS. So if you’re stuck, just try googling a few key words and you should be able to find some advice.

In the end below are some links which may help you with Bottlerocket.

“It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.” ― Jeff Bezos

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