AWS Proton – a New Container Management Service

AWS Proton – a New Container Management Service

December 28, 2020 / Nirav Shah

AWS Proton – a New Container Management Service

In the past published blogs, we already have discussed the ECS and EKS service of AWS. Now let’s get started about this AWS latest announcement – Proton a New Container Management Service.

First, let’s understand it with one example:

“We set up an application on EC2, and the components of this application will not change too much. so it’s easy to keep it related information. where containerized or serverless applications are assembled from small pieces of code developed and maintained independently. Each piece of code has its own infrastructure which we must need to be updated and maintained. And these codes are developed and maintained by different engineers, As at the end the changes are more often for traditional applications. As customers, it can be difficult to coordinate all changes in their infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, and operations. monitoring tools.”

So, AWS Proton solves this problem by providing platform teams with the tools they need to handle this complexity and enforce consistent standards while allowing developers to easily deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies

AWS Proton is:

  • A service which provides developers to automate container and serverless application development and deployment.
  • In the IT Infra, it’s difficult to manage servers and microservice and for that, we need expert engineers for that.
  • With AWS Proton, platform engineers can define and publish a stack in a schema file. For a web app, for instance, they may want to use an Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster, a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and associated security groups, load balancers and DynamoDB. A monitoring system will be needed, along with a CI/CD system for the build process. The platform team will define, in a standardized way, how all these components fit together and are secured.
  • AWS Proton is a service by which infra engineers need to scale in standard templates centrally and make them available for developers in the organization. By this infrastructure, engineers can manage and update infrastructure without impacting the developer team and productivity.
  • This is the first AWS fully managed application deployment service for container and serverless applications.
  • AWS Proton provides platform tools to the team so they can manage complex and enforce consistent standards, and it is easy for developers to deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies.
  • AWS Proton is designed to simplify the process of provisioning, deploying, and monitoring applications such as built-in containers or run as serverless jobs.
  • AWS Proton is a new application management service that makes it simpler to provision, deploy, and monitor applications with containers and serverless.
  • We can understand AWS Proton working with the below image.


AWS Proton enables developers an easy way to deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies. Some features of AWS Proton are:

  1. Self-service interface
  2. Template management
  3. Streamlined upgrades
  4. Automated deployments
  5. Third-party integrations

For starting AWS has launched the service in some selected regions. These regions are:

You can refer AWS Proton pricing by referring below Link.

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