How to optimize requests from Load balancer to EC2 instance?

How to optimize requests from Load balancer to EC2 instance?

April 27, 2020 / Nirav Shah

Overview Of AWS Global Accelerator, How It Works?

Are you still looking for a way to optimize requests from AWS application load balancer to EC2? Look no further as AWS has a service for this. In this blog post we will explain to you in-depth about AWS Global Accelerator and how it can help you to optimize the incoming requests on your EC2 server.

What Is AWS global accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator is a service that is designed to boost the performance and availability of your application for all users. It achieves the same by providing us with static IP addresses that acts as a single entry point for your application in a single or multiple AWS regions and manages the coordination between your Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers or Amazon EC2 instances.

AWS Global Accelerator continually monitors the health of your application endpoints and redirects traffic to healthy endpoints in less than 30 seconds or 1 minute,

How AWS global accelerator Works

It provide static IP addresses that are anycast from the AWS edge network and If you want to bring your own IP address range to AWS (BYOIP), so that you can instead assign static IP addresses from your own pool to use with your accelerator. and For more information, see Bring Your Own IP Addresses (BYOIP) in AWS Global Accelerator.

To more about static ip address please visit below page.

So now let’s see how can look like without Accelerator

Without AWS Global Accelerator

Working process of AWS Global Accelerator infographic

It can take many networks to reach the application.and it take more time to reach the end point

With AWS Global Accelerator

Infographic on how ip address look Without AWS Global Accelerator

By using AWS Global Accelerator we can remove these inefficiencies. It leverages the Global AWS Network, in the resulting improved performance.

Benefits of AWS global accelerator

  • Improve global application availability.
  • Accelerate your global applications.
  • Easily manage endpoints.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Instant regional Failover.

Global Accelerator vs CloudFront

Infographic on how ip address look With AWS Global Accelerator

Steps for Deploying an Accelerator

  1. Configure the initial setup for Global Accelerator.
  2. Configure regional endpoint groups for your accelerator.
  3. Add endpoints to endpoint groups.

For detailed steps about how to create an accelerator using the AWS Global Accelerator console, see Getting Started with AWS Global Accelerator. To work with API operations, see Common Actions That You Can Use with AWS Global Accelerator and the AWS Global Accelerator API Reference.


You have to pay $0.025/hour for each “accelerator.” You also pay for the amount of traffic that flows through it.

Let us take an example:

If you have 60% of your traffic is outbound, you’re only charged for the outbound portion. This charge is in addition to the standard data transfer rates, and the amount depends on what regions and edge locations are used.

Some Limits of the Accelerator,

Table of Limits of the aws global Accelerator


There’s a lot of overlap between Global Accelerator, Route 53, and CloudFront, but there are tradeoffs you should be aware of when architecting applications that are resilient, performant, and globally available. It’s great to see these new capabilities being offered and it enables a lot of new possibilities.


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well” ― Jeff Bezos

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