AWS CloudEndure – Cloud migration made easy

AWS CloudEndure – Cloud migration made easy

May 5, 2020 / Nirav Shah

Amazon CloudEndure Migration is a free, automated, lift-and-shift migration solution. CloudEndure is a Saas service offering from AWS to migrate from any source (Physical, Virtual or Cloud) to AWS or from one AWS region to another within an AWS account and across different AWS accounts. CloudEndure Migration supports common databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and enterprise applications like SAP.

How CloudEndure Migration Works

CloudEndure is based on an agent which you install on the source machines you would like to migrate.The agents use an API call to generate a staging area on your AWS account.

CloudEndure Migration automated rehosting consists of three main steps :

  1. Installing the Agent: The CloudEndure Agent replicates entire machines to a Staging Area in your target.
  2. Configuration and testing: You configure your target machine settings and launch non-disruptive tests.
  3. Performing cutover: CloudEndure automatically converts machines to run natively in AWS.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is designed to help you minimize downtime and data loss. It continuously replicates the contents of your on-premises, virtual, or cloud-based systems to a low-cost staging area in the AWS region of your choice, within the confines of your AWS account

It uses block level continuous replication to replicate data onto the target AWS environment and automatic machine conversions to spin up target machines. CloudEndure helps us in rapid and reliable migration with minimal disruption using a self-service platform.

Some use cases for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery,

1) On-Premises to Cloud Disaster Recovery

This model moves your secondary data center to the AWS Cloud without downtime or performance impact.

2) Cross-Region Disaster Recovery

If your application is already on AWS, you can add an additional layer of cost-effective protection and improve your business continuity by setting up cross-region disaster recovery.

3) Cross-Cloud Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery will replicate and recover your workloads, including automatic conversion of your source machines so that they boot and run natively on AWS

4) Price Reduction

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery reduces compute costs by 95% and eliminates the need to pay for duplicate OS and third-party application licenses.

Terms of the Free CloudEndure License

AWS provides a free CloudEndure Migration license which you can use for 90 days after initial setup of the agent, with no limitation on number of tests, data volumes or number of machines migrated. After 90 days, if your migration is still not complete, you can still migrate at no cost by reinstalling the CloudEndure agent on the machines that have not yet been migrated. This will give you an extra 90 days to perform replication, testing and cutover for the remaining machines. While the use of CloudEndure Migration is totally free, you may incur fees for AWS infrastructure provisioned during migration and after cutover, for example computing (EC2) and storage (EBS) resources.

Get started now with free CloudEndure Migration licenses.

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