AWS announces AWS Audit Manager – Simplifies Audit Preparation

AWS announces AWS Audit Manager – Simplifies Audit Preparation

December 10, 2020 / Nirav Shah

Simplify Audit Preparation With AWS Audit Manager

AWS announces AWS Audit Manager – Simplifying the Audit as per Industry Standards

AWS Audit manager helps the clients to continuously audit the AWS resource usage. It simplifies the risk management and compliance with regulations as per the industry standards. As an AWS service, the Audit Manager is used to automate the evidence collection and makes it easier to assess if the deployed controls (policies, procedures, and activities), are operating effectively. At the time of the audit, the AWS Audit Manager helps the managers and third-party auditors to manage the reviews of applied controls and enables its users to build audit-ready reports with much less manual effort.

AWS Audit Manager’s ready-made frameworks help users to map the AWS asset utilization as per the industry guidelines or guidelines, for example, CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You can likewise completely alter the frameworks and its controls to help meet your own business requirement.


AWS Audit Manager empowers its users to implement an automated and reliable intelligence and usage gathering system while moving away from physically gathering, looking into, and overseeing proof to an answer every question an auditor asks. It gives a simple method to follow the chain authority of proof, empowers cooperation coordinated effort, and assists with overseeing proof security and trustworthiness. You can likewise utilize Audit Manager to help ceaseless evaluating and consistence just as for your internal risk appraisals.

With AWS Audit Manager, you can do the following

  • Support common compliance standards and regulations
  • Customize frameworks
  • Support cross-team collaboration
  • Create reports for auditors
  • Ensure evidence integrity

AWS Audit Manager stores proof in its own managed storage with read-just consents to your end-clients. AWS Audit Manager permits you to create appraisal reports, which contain a rundown record and proof envelopes, in your S3 buckets.

AWS Audit Manager is available globally and it offers a Free Tier so you can get started quickly in the AWS Management Console.

The Cool thing about an Audit manager is you can store evidence data up to one year in its own managed storage repository and the evidence data will be deleted after one year.

AWS Audit Manager can be set up by using AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or via API.

For more information please follow below documentation.

Happy cloud computing.

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