AWS Mumbai Summit 2019 – Its really big this time.

AWS Mumbai Summit 2019 – Its really big this time.

May 16, 2019 / Nirav Shah

AWS commented that INDIA is the 2nd country after USA to have shown high growth in usage of AWS Services as a whole. This has lead them to focus their promotions in full swing in INDIA to such an extent that they launched a new Availability Zone in India’s Mumbai region. It means that India now has a total of 3 Availability Zones of its own, which will be a win-win situation for both existing and new customers in AWS, as well as for AWS from Revenue viewpoint. This can be seen clearly as the Summit that they organised on 15th May 2019 had approximately more than 7000 invitees of having both individuals and delegates.

AWS seems to be excited, ready to explore and interested in IT Individuals of Indian IT landscape who are always ready to experiment with new technologies and services provided by AWS.

At Eternal we always focus on Security and want to know better ways to increase the Security on Account level as well as Resource and Application Level. As there is always something new to Learn in Security Sector and AWS also is on the same track as it had amazing sessions organised for the same. In these sessions we saw AWS Executives as well as existing Top MNC Customers of AWS discuss available Security options provided by AWS as well as how different MNCs implement and utilize available security measures to make their products/services highly available and highly secure.

The AWS Services that were particularly stressed were :-

  • Cloudtrail
  • Cloudwatch
  • GuardDuty
  • IAM
  • Lambda
  • AppSync and GraphQL

All security services from above, can be used as a bundle to make a secure system which will grab logs related to account and application activities and alert the respective individuals. We can also automate some basic measures/tasks to isolate the resource or an account in case its compromised from inflicting more damage.

There were more than 50 AWS big brands which were showcasing their products like RedHat, MongoDB, Minfy, vmWare, SUSE, datadog, cloudflare, searce etc.

Last but not least the free guides are always there in all AWS summits. Check below few snaps as a glimpse of AWS Mumbai Summit 2019.

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