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For over 13 years we've transformed struggling businesses into sales generating powerhouses.

What we do

We have a team of experts having more than 5+ years of experience and engaged in Magento 2 full stack services.

Magento 2 UI/UX Design

We strongly believe that every buyer on the website needs to finish shopping without spending more time.

As an Expert UI/UX design agency, we care CX as well and make sure of flawless customer experience with an E-Commerce website that we design.

Theme Customisation

Magento 2 has great features for the theme. We have the expertise to customize default Magento theme and modify such way that it brings value in design and get customer experience to next level. We guarantee bug-free theme which is easy to update with all Magento versions.

Magento 2 Upgrade and Data Migration

After launching of Magento 2, Major E-Commerce store required to upgrade from Magento 1.x solution to Magento 2.x. In a very small time scale our expert team gain expertise with all new Magento 2 architecture and deliver a couple of projects that required Magento 1.x to Magento2.x upgrade and migration. We take care all category migration, product migration, order migration, customer migration and make sure all migration process is done without missing any data.

Magento 2 Extension Development

Sometimes your ecommerce store requires features that are unique and yet most demanding. As a custom solution development Agency, we know how to deliver robust and scalable plugins that easy to migrate and scale as a new version of Magento 2 is coming.

Magento 2 System Integration

Magento 2 is excellent for E-commerce solution but sometimes the customer needs integration with the various systems to make their business operations easy. We work closely with customers and help them to integrate Magento with their ERP, CRM, POS or any other external system. We are one stop solution for all E-commerce Needs.

Magento Speed Optimisation

We have the expertise to deliver optimized Magento sites that are having a good ranking with Google Page Speed Test. Mainly Magento 1 architecture has sometimes speed optimization issues because of plugin dependencies. We gain expertise in correcting any issues and make sure Magento site working faster as much as possible.

Magento Support & Maintenance

We offer the support to make sure your business never goes down for any technical issues. We offer both retainers and pay as you go basis support. We take care of your E-commerce store as well as server infrastructure as well. We take responsibility that you gain maximum benefits from your E-commerce store.

Magento Marketing

We help business to gain online presence and visibility. We help E-commerce store to create their brand values. We help them to get good ROI with offering our services like SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media promotion.

Delivering constant quality work is no accident; it requires a process.














Why Eternal for your Magento 2 Solution

In last decade commerce industry changed a lot and every business diverting to their online presence to gain benefits of the Online platform. We deliver high-end service with 100% client satisfaction though we believe it's not enough, we help the customer to create their brand values and also boost their sales.

  • Competitive price
  • Using agile methodology
  • Technology competency
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Regular reporting
  • SOA/API testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • System integration testing
  • Internationalization testing

Magento 2 Features

Magento 2 is the best E-commerce solution which is scalable and backed by extensive community support.

Few of very robust features of Magento 2 as below.

Why Magento 2 is a very popular E-commerce platform

The Internet is easily accessible nowadays which makes E-commerce industry boosting. Smartphone usage also helps buyers to get products easily. Magento 2 is widely used compared to other E-commerce platforms.


Why chose Amazon AWS cloud for hosting your Magento store?



Amazon AWS provides enterprise level reliability for data, infrastructure and security. The data centers are very well secured and are equipped with backup power supplies. The Amazon’s Service Level Agreement (SLAs) commitment ensures 99.95% of availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.



The Amazon cloud was created goal to be one of the most secure, scalable and flexible cloud computing environments. To achieve its goal Amazon provides built-in firewalls, private subnets, secured access and even an encrypted data storage.



Running Magento store comes up with its own set of unique requirements, scalability and reliability are two of them. Amazon EC2 uniquely allows you to select a CPU, configure the memory, and an instance of storage that is optimal to your choice of operating system and helps you to start your scalable Magento store in no time.



The simple and transparent billing system of AWS “charges you only” for the resources you consume at any given point of time. We can help you reduce your running cost even more with Reserved Instances : the option to proceed to a low, one-time payment for each instance.



AWS comes with reliability of Amazon. The modern and secured data centres of AWS allow you to host your store in multiple locations worldwide. So you have the opportunity to host your store near the location of your clients, either in Asia, Europe, Australia or America.


Easy to Use

The time required to obtain and boot new server instances is reduced to minutes by AWS EC2, allowing you to quickly scale capacity of your instance, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.

Magento + Amazon cloud = Gateway to your Ecommerce fame

Magento is leader in ecommerce domain and Amazon cloud in cloud computing & hosting. We have been using Magento when it was still picking up the speed. Our magento specialized services have helped many merchants all around the world to grow with e-commerce boom.

When we started using Magento as a platform for our clients initially, we chose different types of conventional hosting environment. We initially started with simple shared hosting and then switched to virtual dedicated hosting.

As the number of our clients grew up, we decided to switch to dedicated servers. Each hosting technology that we have tried, had its own pros and cons that never satisfied us fully. After some research and consecutive trials and errors, we started using Amazon Web Services for our services in the spring of 2017.

In the last 1 year, we have been testing, improving and optimizing the technologies, database settings and web server software. In our journey as an AWS consulting partner, we have already helped dozens of clients in migrating their existing e-commerce store to AWS cloud and upgrade it to latest Magento 2x. We also encourage you to setup Magento store on AWS Server to take complete control of your Magento based ecommerce platform as it’s free to try (upto a certain level).

If you are reading this, then it is very likely that you are already interested in using cloud technologies and you will find AWS infrastructure as a reliable, secure, scalable and economical technology. With Amazon’s AWS, you will always be in full control of your server resources and you won’t ever think of old fashioned hosting anymore.

Eternal being a AWS consulting partner is confident and competent to help you in setting up your own Magento store using AWS cloud infrastructure. You can contact us as our AWS certified associates are known to achieve good performance results. For your Magento ecommerce on AWS our team will provide you the enterprise level architecture, support and consulting, but you, and only you, will have total control and ownership.


AWS Cloud Server Technology for Magento Hosting.


Amazon’s AWS has its own customized Linux distribution that is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and latest Linux-xen-kernel. It is specifically designed, customized and implemented to provide a stable, secured, and high performance execution environment for a wide variety of applications running on Amazon EC2.


NGINX is a very high performance and leading open source web application accelerator that is known to help over 37% of the world's busiest websites to deliver faster and more content to its users. It is used for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.Nginx powers many high-traffic websites, such as Pinterest, Dropbox, Netflix,, and many more.


MySQL is one of the world's most popular open source database. It supports you in every manner, whether you are a fast growing web property, technology vendor or a large company, MySQL can help you to deliver cost-effectively high performance, scalable database applications.


Magento ecommerce platform is built using PHP and Zend Framework. Our AWS certified associates will deliver a highly optimized instance powered by PHP accelerator. It will allow you to get an optimal performance for your ecommerce store.


Varnish is a well known web application accelerator, also fondly known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It speeds up the delivery with a factor of 300 - 1000x depending on your architecture and our associates specialize in optimized AWS cloud architecture design.


If you are running a high load and high traffic web site, then a single instance architecture might not be enough. But that’s not a problem as Amazon AWS allows to easily create multi servers clusters, that can host the most busiest stores.

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