Stock update from CSV to Magento2 using Magneto2 Commerce API

Stock update from CSV to Magento2 Commerce using Magneto2 Commerce API

Magento2 is a very powerful and extensible ecommerce platform. It has an eco-system of its own. Continuing from our last case study of importing product from CSV to Magento2 enterprise edition, now we have another task of importing and updating stock of products to Magento2 commerce (Magento2 Cloud Edition) website.


  • Laravel
  • Magento2 Commerce


Magento has enabled many small business owner in setting up their online stores and expand their business. This great usefulness comes with its own set of problems, which we solve without any delay.

This time we have to import and update all the stock information of imported products. In addition to this we have to take care of the group product type available in Magento2 and rules associated with it. Also, we have to create specific rules for enabling and disabling various product depending on their stock availability and other info.

The data for completing all of the above process would be coming from an old fashioned CSV file.


To implement the above requirement and make a working software of it, we are using laravel for it provides model–view–controller architectural pattern and is quite extensible. Since time is of essence, we decided to do what we do best: custom application development, as it allows us to control every aspect of the project and extend the existing application.

Since we have already installed and configured dev environment for Magento Commerce Cloud on our local system, we are ready to dive directly in the code.

  • We started with requirement gathering and freezing the scope of work.
  • Prepared the high-level documentation for every possible scenario.
  • Prepared the low-level sequence diagram.
  • Development, testing and pushing of code on live environment.
  • Continued clear client communication at every phase.

“We have decided to import and update stock details from CSV file from FTP location to Magento Store using Magento2 Commerce API which is scalable and secure solution.”


In this phase of the project we have implemented the functionality exactly as per requirement. We have excelled client’s expectation to develop a scalable solution, that serves need of stock import and update for every possible product type in Magento2 Enterprise Edition.

Now client have to just export csv from his ERP system and place on FTP. Our application will perform all the operation and import/update the stock information of products to Magneto2 store without human interaction.

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