5 Important Things to Consider for Software Product Development

5 Important Things to Consider for Software Product Development

May 1, 2018 / Nirav Shah


  • Product development is the process of bringing a new innovation to consumers from concept to testing through development. When existing business revenue platforms get stagnate in terms of changes and economic growth, it is time to look at new growth strategies. New product development look at improving existing products to invigorate an existing market or create new products that the markets seek.


Product Development


  • If you have some concept in mind, discuss it with people surrounding you and get their thoughts on the topic. Be ready for some negative influence too. Brainstorming is a good exercise to cultivate and convert concept into perfect ideas.
  • Sometime ideas are on a piece of paper and sometimes it would be more than one book.
  • You can discuss with Software developer organizations who are experts in making such innovative products and assist you for your needs.
  • They may have many enhancement ideas also which can lead your business to success.


  • You can do SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis. Analyze your market, your competitors, sustainability of the product and demographic location to target customers.
  • Ask a few simple questions to yourself and try to get their answers. Introspection will help you a lot to get better judgement:
  1. Where and how you earn revenue from it?
  2. How much budget you have and where you want to spend?
  3. What are the minimum functionalities with which you need to start your site or product in very less time? (First captivate your audience and then go for sustainability)

Choose right team

  • Choosing right team to develop your product. Team can be a Software development organization or freelance developers.
  • Freelance developers may not be the right option. Sometime you may get stuck in fake profiles or agents who actually pass your projects to some organisations and earn their share from it.
  • You can approach startup organizations but they may have less skilled workforce hence there can be chances of delaying your launch. You may lose your time and your idea may become outdated.
  • You can approach tech giants who have expert workforce to complete your goal before time but there you need huge budget only for development. You may not spend much on marketing, as marketing also plays a vital role.
  • Mid level organizations are better option for you or your idea. They consult well and are eager to work for challenges. They have few experts but more lower level staff with management and supportive environment. Most of them do not miss their deadlines. It is pocket friendly and you may save for marketing as well.

Choose the right technology

  • Generally, Consultant organization can guide you better for this. But if You want to know or search from your end, You can google for “Upcoming technology trends” (https://www.google.co.in/search?q=Current+software+technology+trends) or “Stackoverflow analysis survey” (https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018#technology)
  • As the flexibility of the project depends on your Idea (Project Definition ) and your budget. You can select any open source platform for development such as PHP, Node, Angular, WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Few mid level organisations can work on hybrid technologies also. They can give you PHP with Node or angular and application works as expected.


  • Design your idea with the help of some experts. List only basic features what you want to offer.
  • After designing your idea, get it to small group of people. Give them it to test. Take their reviews. This group can be customer or tester or any people who actually are users of your product. Choose this group carefully from the targeted customers.
  • This stage gives you a chance to develop the concept further, considering the group’s feedback.
  • Enhance your product with more features in future. You can release it with each new change or divide the releases between group of changes. You become confident enough because now you can earn something from your idea.
  • You can apply for funding also, be clear with your product and features you are going to provide. You get some suggestions and money for making the idea more successful.
  • Be honest and faithful with those who invest in your product. Although it is an option, If you have good amount with you or do not want to involve other people in your business.

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