Real Estate Portal Development with CakePHP.

SaaS Based Real Estate Portal Development.

Property portal has been built with open source technology (CakePHP MVC framework) which is better and easier for code maintenance, security and good performance and easy to implement third party plugins.

We have used Google Map API for displaying various properties on the Google Map in the form of various markers so when the client clicks on those markers he will be able to see the place where the property is available.

Eternal implemented an integration of onOffice software with the property portal through an openimmo. If property seller have an account on an onOffice software then seller no need to insert property detail from the portal. Seller can export single or multiple property from the onOffice software and property was listed on the property portal.

Openimmo is a standard of XML which contain details of property in more than 300 fields, contact detail and property action like insert, update, delete.

Eternal implemented a search filter which searches the specific property based on the search criteria inserted by the client.


  • PHP
  • CakePHP 2.x (MVC)
  • MySQL


The most challenging task was to integrate onoffice software with the property portal through an openimmo.And perform CRUD operations on property from onOffice software.

Continuous changes and tweaks in Features and User Interface. Communicating ideas and negotiating them and arriving to the best possible solution.


All tasks were managed in PMS so we can communicate daily with the client and take updates from him.

Script demos to development server – as and when required.

Delivered project in 2 different phases:Phase1 and Phase2.

Completed all the required documents.


  • See the property location on the google map.
  • Subscribe to various subscription plans and get the necessary details regarding the properties and also regarding the owners of the properties.
  • Strong searching mechanism for property search.
  • Filtering the properties in the ascending/descending order and also based on the publishing date of the property.
  • Add their wishes and get email notifications.
  • Activate or deactivate their wish list.
  • Free property listing.
  • Share the property on the social media like Facebook,Google+,Twitter etc.
  • Set property like and dislike.

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