Customer Experience Software.

Customer Experience (CX) App Development.

We have a client from Canada who started building web-based software product application for the customer experience. The product is partially developed by one of the developers from Canada. Client grabs us from PPH where we are paying on top position. This is the platform where various industry stack holders can check all their positions in a digital era like whats current trending on FB, Twitter, Google or any other social media and digital platform. They can compare their position with various industry competitors.


  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


Initially, it's difficult the understand client requirement because customer experience is bit new concept in today web application era. Also, we feel that this is not possible to make application scalable with help of WP technology. As the client is not much technical and he chooses WP platform for POC purpose, its difficult to make him understand that WP is not for such enterprise level application.


This is not straightforward application development project. After a couple of meetings with a client, our business analyst feels that this is a long-term project which required lots of third-party dependencies. So we decided to stick with WP version for POC purpose and start developing a new version of an application with latest robust and scalable technology.

  • We consult client for the technology stack that we can use and how technology will be helpful for future.
  • How to make application security and what should be the proposed architecture of the system.
  • List down third-party dependencies.
  • Figure out ready-made script those fulfill few of requirements to reduce the development time.
  • Done separate POC for the various third-party script and check how those are working.
  • Define calculations and various formulas those are not decided.
  • Development and setup AWS staging server for regular updates.


At the end, we have successfully replaced an application which was working in WP platform with the latest secure, scalable and robust technology like Angular, Node JS and MongoDB. Client is very happy with the our results and few words from client’s

“Nirav and his team came through in a pinch. I am very impressed with the work performed and look forward to working with them going forward.”

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