AWS Security Management Services

Round-the-clock professional services to secure your business at AWS cloud.

AWS is known for providing cloud-based services to minimize the application development time and disperse the un-accounted workloads seamlessly. The flexibility of economy-of-scale comes with the shared responsibility of securing the business interests and assets. To help businesses to grow and scale as-and-when required Eternal takes care of AWS security on our client’s behalf.

AWS Security Management Services

Eternal helps you to protect applications critical for your business against cyber threats with an in-house team of AWS specialists. Eternal helps you to strengthen the security of your AWS account and associated assets by performing.

  • Security Audits of AWS account
  • Optimal configuration
  • Implementation of secure architecture exclusively for AWS

Whether your business applications are new to AWS cloud or you just want to increase the security level, Eternal helps you all out because security and data-integrity are embedded in our thoughts and are seen in our actions. Primarily being a custom software development firm specializing in the use of AWS services, we know when, where and what should be changed to achieve an optimum level of security.

We combine the latest global best practices of cloud along with our extensive knowledge of AWS implementations and AWS security services to provide your business with 360-degree security. We configure and implement a range of AWS security services to protect your business interests and assets as per the requirement of your web application. The list of services that we utilize always changes based on the complexity of your business and is tailored consistently. But some of the AWS services are listed below that we use to secure your application in the cloud.


AWS Web Application
Firewall (WAF)


AWS CloudTrail


Amazon GuardDuty


AWS Shield


AWS Firewall Manager




Amazon Detective


Amazon Inspector

Security Hub

Amazon Security Hub

Connect with us for an expert security audit of your AWS account and resources and have the peace of mind to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AWS validate the integrity of its security services?

AWS services are built an updated regularly based on rigorous industry standards and are audited by multiple third-party vendors. A comprehensive list of compliance standards can be found on the AWS website as well as in AWS Artifact.

Can I customize these security services for my company’s specific requirements?

AWS provides security services in adherence with a list of Best Practices which are designed by teams of expert developers and troubleshooters, but AWS does offer the flexibility to modify these protocols depending on user requirements.

Does AWS take complete accountability for my data and cloud environment?

AWS functions on a Shared Responsibility Model which clearly specifies which security tasks are under the user’s domain and which tasks are under the AWS domain. AWS ensures the security of the physical centres and network architectures while leaving the data security and private cloud resilience to the user.

As the root Administrator, how can I maintain surveillance of my employee accounts?

AWS CloudTrail logs every API call with its associated attributes and returned results for auditing purposes. AWS Organizations provides a consolidated administrator panel for supervising all deployed accounts while services like Inspector, GuardDuty and Security Hub check for vulnerabilities, provide intelligent threat detection and use AI for detecting anomalies.

Why should I migrate from my current security system to AWS Security Services?

Security is the absolute topmost priority for a company like AWS that handles such massive amounts of data and networking requests. Every other parameter is irrelevant if security is compromised. AWS has dedicated teams of industry experts that design security systems exclusively for AWS which means these services are optimized for the cloud. Migrating to these services would provide the user with these benefits while removing the burden of maintenance.

How can I avail of your AWS services?

Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement and complete the underlying task.

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