WordPress Site Planning and Development Process

The main reason WordPress is so popular is the way it makes building such powerful websites an easy task. All you require is choosing the right theme > add your relevant content > select Publish > and presto. It does not even matter if do not posses technical knowledge because the themes are come with adequate instructions in simple English. While most of the work in WordPress is simple, there is just the one fact you have to deal with a bit of a serious mind-Planning.

For planning you need to checklist these points:

1- Why are you building a website?

There is no website that does not have a purpose. A business site helps in creating awareness about your products or services, an informational site offers information on a particular topic and likewise an entertainment site provides entertainment. Even a site run for personal use has a purpose- to put front the thoughts and ideas of the owner.

2- Which clientele do you want visiting your WordPress site?

Your website is just like a store on land. It has customers coming in for purchasing or taking information on some product or service. The board with your store’s name identifies your store from the rest and other aspects like the display or captions let the customer know what you are offering. According to the product or service available your customer decides if he/she wants to enter or not. Who enters your store lies completely on you. Whether your site is solely for females or males, do you want a particular age to visit your site, what product or service do you want to offer, etc. Another question that comes out of this answer is:

What is the need for identifying your clientele?

For most, the base-line is we want to serve everyone. This is not a bad idea, but if you keep in mind a particular genre of visitors for your site you will be able to better implement your website and that particular genre will definitely find your site from the list.

3- What would you like your visitors to do on reaching your site?

This should not be a hard question to be answered, after all what you want no one can know better than you. The answer to this is mirror clear, if you are offering some information, you would want it to be relevant and wish the visitor comes back again and if your site offers a product or service then you will want the visitor to purchase it.

4- Your Business Goals

Your business is your life, not just for you, but for the ones who depend on you, your family, as well. Everyone has a goal/s in life they want to achieve. Your business/website should be no different. In order to be successful in online business it is vital for you to have a goal/s for your site that you want to conquer.

5- Your Homepage should not just be a page

When we speak to a person we just look at their face, chat and on finishing walk away. Many consider the homepage to be the face of a website. But, there is a difference in a person and a website’s face. With a person we can chat by looking only at their face, but when it comes to a website, your website goes beyond the homepage. The homepage should be the red carpet that leads to the other pages.

Development Process

You are on the bench of making a decision on hiring a professional for developing your website. You also must be having some awesome ideas that along with your developer will create a beautiful site. The two key elements that go in creating your site are Holistic project planning and strategy implementation.

To implement the development process you need to understand these points:

Understand the requirements of your project: It is your website and only you can know what you want from your site. Your site is your canvas; you are free to paint it the way you want. You have to be certain of what are your objectives, which audience are you targeting, the online marketing and your branding strategy.

Planning and Managing your project: In this section you have to clarify your milestones, objectives and goals that you want to set for your online business.

Designing and developing: The designing is going to be the face of your website. How do you want it to be? For this it is important to appoint the rightful developer who will give birth to your dream project.

Monitor and Track: As your project is developing keep a close eye on the project.

Quality assurance: Make sure there is no compromise in the quality of your website and all the WordPress guidelines are abided with.

Testing and delivery: On completion of your project thoroughly test your project. Once it comes online you cannot take away the flaws, hence; you should implement these tests to make sure your project is accurate, and they are:

  • Performance test
  • Quality test
  • Security test
  • Scalability Test
  • Reliability Test

For any WordPress designer the process of developing a website is piece of cake. Just five vital steps and the development process are complete!

Step # 1- Gather the Project Requirements

The requirements of the project only you as the site owner can identify, hence; hiring the correct service provider is your job. On finalizing the requirements, your WordPress developer will begin on the project.

Step # 2- Preparing the First Design Draft

Once all the requirements of the project are collected, time comes for creating the designing draft. Once the draft is made you can check and see if any last minute modification can be made. Once you approve the project the web developing process begins.

Step # 3- Revisions

The first design draft is never deleted as it is kept so the next draft is even better than the first one. Improving your own draft is the better way to getting a beautiful site online instead of looking at what others sites look like.

Step # 4- Design Draft approvals

Once all the revisions and implementations are complete, your designer will send you the final draft. On your approval for the specifications and graphics, your site will come to life.

Step # 5- Site Deliverance

The last stage- The incorporated graphics are sent to you for final approval. On getting the green signal from you, the project reaches the final completion stage. The next step will be to upload your site on the hosts server, hence; the development process will also be over.

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