Why Choose WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is open source web software that is easy to install allowing you to create your very own blog, network, community or website. Initially WordPress was designed to perform as a blogging tool that soon took the shape of a fully-developed content Management System (CMS), capable of powering any network, community or website.

Why choose WordPress?

Developing a website in fraction of time is possible with WordPress. WordPress being an open source platform offers a quick installation and easy usage of its functions. No matter you want to publish a blog, or have an e-commerce website or a technical e-learning website, WordPress is your answer. In the past developing website required creating HTML pages and this use to take months, but now thanks to the modification done in the CSS developing a website takes just minutes. Developing the website is also relatively a piece of cake requiring some steps:

  • Install WordPress onto your web host
  • Need to select plugins for necessities like security, WP.COM integration (Jetpack), e-learning and e-commerce
  • Configure both plugins and your website
  • Add your content
  • Handle publicizing, SEO and marketing
  • Last always keep your site maintained with latest updates and upgraded with the latest technology

WordPress for Business

Most consider WordPress just a blogging platform. But it is more than that. No wonder today more than 65 million sites are powered by WordPress. But, many are still not certain of using a blogging platform for their business sites. The un-certainty is justified, but the popularity of WordPress behind the most popular business websites is also not deniable. The reason behind this is WordPress is easily installable. The core of WordPress is security which is breath for any website.

The upgrading and addition of required plugins is also easy that makes it user-friendly as well. And, with sites like CNN, TechCrunch, Rolling Stones, and Sony using WordPress for their business websites what else is required for proof.

WordPress for CMS

Since its birth in 2003 WordPress has definitely grown. The once blogging platform is now a converter of PSD to WordPress styles XHTML. Powering more than 20% of the webs today it is the most powerful CMS around. The flexibility, simplicity, security and the fact that it is search engine friendly and supports extendable functions via plugins and themes makes it the No. 1 open source platform. Another reason for its popularity as a CMS is the vast variety of plugins and themes that are available.

WordPress for Blogging

WordPress is made for blogging, but what is that makes it the best platform for blogging? Well, being an open source the codes can be altered, the functionality is superb, being user-friendly it is easy for using, thanks to the themes available the designing is just awesome, has plugins available to keep your site secure, SEO could never be more easier, accessible to ALL (even for people with disabilities, without having to alter the codes) and the huge community of supporters online, what more could one ask, Oh yes it is FREE! In fact your imagination is the limit of WordPress usability fro sites.

For Organizations

Whether you are a technophobe or a techno-expert you will love WordPress. The templates and plugins are easy to install and make your work like a plug n play station. If required for any updates it barely takes 5 minutes maximum. Being able to update on your own not only saves the user time, but money as well and during updates if there are images related to the upcoming event you can put them as well. With more than 20,000 plugins to choose from you will never be back in giving the best from your site to your customers.


If WP Company prides itself on its ability for creating a platform that not only experts or advanced HTML aficionados can operate, but even a novice, there should be nothing wrong in this. Accessing CSS has never been so easy and with the large options available laying out your website was never so easy.

SEO Aspect

The clean and lightweight coding makes WordPress and easy to read platform for search engines like Google. Moreover, a single meta data is applied to each image, page and post allowing optimization for specific keywords. On top you will be having complete 100% control on your website.

Use of WordPress

Apart from the above possibilities you can use WordPress for the following as well:

  • Gallery
  • Arcade
  • Rating Website
  • Membership Website
  • Shopping store
  • Portfolio
  • Video collection Store

Considerations to choose WordPress

Financially: Being free WordPress is easy to download and install. The maintaining costs are very less compared to others. Most of the plugins and themes come for free, again saving you a lot of money, so financially yes it is beneficial.

Technically: CMS could never be easier, even a novice can use. The WYSIWYG in the default box is a bit slim as the actual look of the content is not displayed, still fro a small website it works. WordPress is way smarter than you so be careful.

Going by both facts setting up your own website with WordPress is the most cost-effective way.

Traffic: By running your site on WordPress, getting more traffic to your site will be a piece of cake. In fact WordPress is your mic when it comes to expressing ones thoughts and ideologies.

Knowledge Base: The knowledge base is so wide that even the new comers can easily solve their issues from just simple internet searches.

Disk and Bandwidth space: As WordPress is a very powerful open source it requires a certain amount of disk and bandwidth space. Hence, make sure your host is able to provide you with adequate space for both.


Hats will be off for WordPress when it comes to being the best open source platform around. If you find the disk/bandwidth or the security an issues, well nothing is perfect in this world. But, the 60,000 million web users of WordPress are not using WordPress for any reason now are they. If you own a small website then no platform can offer you a better option than WordPress. Many new users ask the question-why choose WordPress, it’s them only who later on say you should use WordPress also.

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