Free WordPress blog or Self hosted WordPress blog

Before knowing what is free or self-hosted blog you will have one doubt in mind that what is host and how to get it? Host means services of providing space to write up your blog on WordPress. There is mainly two type of hosting can be there. One is free and other one is paid one. Free hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. Paid hosting will charged you as per rules for providing u space for your WordPress blog.

Some advantages of free blog services:

  • They are free.
  • They are easy to set up.

There is more disadvantages of free WordPress blog services then advantages as below:

  • You cannot choose theme as you want to show your WordPress blog. Or there will be less number of availability of themes.
  • You cannot customization of that theme more.
  • You cannot choose your own URL as per you requirement.
  • In future you cannot transfer your own blog URL to another Host.

Instead Some advantages of free blog services:

  • They are free.
  • They are easy to set up.

Instead of free blog there is good to take self-hosted blog because it is very low cost per month to pay. Then why to do take disadvantages of free hosting WordPress blog.

Main advantage of self hosted WordPress blog

  • You can choose your own personalized URL.
  • You cannot need to remember big URLs which are provided by free hosting services.
  • You can make sure that you will be on top in search optimization engine.

If you don’t have any requirement of blog in future or you are making to get touch with family, friends and relatives then free hosting is not a bad choice.

What is care to take while choose WordPress Blog URL??

You need to find URL which is small and short. You can find it with using There you can go and post your thought of unique URL is that available or not. If it is already taken you have to think more for more unique or you can try some tricks like put under scroll or dash sign between it or if in your URL you have pronoun u can make it plural it. Your URL must be related to your blog content or your personal life thing. You have to find your URL according which words are mostly searched in which field you want to make you blog. That can help you to get people contact you more and get to follow your WordPress blog.

Why need to care while choosing URL for WordPress blog??

There is URL which you choose it satisfy you sometimes according to your requirements. But some of that case you will not get more interaction from people. Because it is not people searched to get that thing. URL has a major role in search engine optimization on google. So you need to find niche market in that which kind of people are searching the service that you provide if you want business using your blog. As an example you have two choice to choose name of your URL. If my name is Nirav and I am java expert then its better to book URL or any available related to my expertise rather than which is more likely my name. URL should like the way that it identifies your service and expertise too.

What is about WordPress Blog Hosting after choosing URL ??

To get right choice of host it’ll not easy thing. Good host mean that providing free and unlimited service, security and URL. Some hosting services company provide you free URL or you can buy URL direct from host. And mainly you are looking for WordPress blog that mean host must be provide one click WordPress installation. Because it will make easy for you that you can easily access your WordPress blog without more help. If your hosting does not provide you the one click installation then you must aware about Cpanel access, setup database, upload files etc.

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