Project Maintenance & Support

Are you looking for Web Application Redevelopment, Website Redesigning, Project Maintenance and Support then you are at the right place.

We understand the common issues of the outsourcing companies because of

  • No access to progress Matrix to outsources.
  • Poor UX/UI and low user uptake because the developers are busy with massive development and do not think about the actual requirements.
  • Dedicated Development team allocated to other projects due to poor management which decreases the productivity and increases client dissatisfaction.
  • Poor internal communication and poor quality deliverables.

Why should you transfer your project to Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd.?

All risk above could be addressed within agile Process. We have a strong execution and production methodologies for quality assurance.

  • Our developers are proactive and positive in their approach to problem solving and communication with the authority.
  • Free Trial with Chosen developers : as a part of our risk reduction strategy, we are open to share all experiences of developer with you.
  • 100% project visibility : With our PMS Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. offers you transparent project management environment.
  • Quick Iterations and Regular Demo Delivery : A visible working functionality is delivered to you for your confirmation.
  • The Agile Process enables you to confirm the correctness of deliverables.
  • If for any reason team members are needed to be switched, we offer the working period of knowledge transfer of 20 days to the leader, and 10 working days to the engineer free of charge.

Our Software project Maintenance and Support services consist of

  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Web Application Maintenance and Support
  • Portal Management and Support
  • Web Application Enhancement
  • Web Application Redevelopment
  • Website Redesigning

Quick Contact

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Great work ethics, communication and knowledge. Will work with Nirav anytime.

- Fatima A.
United States, Humble