Spa and Salon Management Software

Spa and Salon Management Software

Spa and salon industry is unique in its own sense. Products from various vendors are purchased and expert services are provided. Our client being a renowned name in this sector has a great influx of clients.


  • Laravel
  • MySQL


The constant inflow of clients comes with its own set of problems. The first and foremost problem faced is the managing client appointments and knowing taste of each client. Our client was unable to manage the services for both spa and salon including the prices of all the services.

As there are a number of packages, it was very difficult for the staff to remember all the packages while taking booking and assigning that booking to a particular staff member. Many times this induced clash in two or more appointments.

Managing staff and inventory was a big issue in itself. Many times the manual registers went missing and were never found on time, when they were required the most. The entries of staff members were manually done and so it was quite hard for the client to find the availability of specific staff member at a specific time.


For solving above challenges and making a viable solution available to our client we followed a simple and effective approach.

  • We started with requirement gathering and freezing the scope of work.
  • Prepared the high-level documentation for every possible scenario.
  • Prepared the low-level sequence diagram.
  • Development, testing and pushing of code on live environment.
  • Continued clear client communication at every phase.

We broke down the core business issues in various small components and provided an extensible solution to our client.


The result was highly customised software developed to meet the specific requirement of spa and salon industry. This software helped the client to streamline the whole process and increase the overall efficiency of the business which in-turn resulted in exponential progress of our client.

The key points that we implemented in Spa and salon management software were

  • Appointment bookings of various customers.
  • Invoices management.
  • Customer management.
  • Membership management.
  • Membership plan management.
  • Types of packages.
  • Staff Member details.
  • Salaries of various staff members.
  • Leave details of various staff members.
  • Details of various packages.
  • Types of various offers.
  • Details of various offers.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly sales reports of all the products of Spa/ Salon.
  • Daily attendance report of all the staff members.
  • Weekly and Monthly reports of stocks of all the products available in Spa/ Salon.

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