Bringing more Business to Food Industry in UK

Bringing more Business to Food Industry in UK

August 14, 2018 / Eternal Team

Are you a manufacturer in UK who has product but doesn’t know where and whom to supply? Are you a retailer in UK who mostly has out-of-stock board outside his shop?

As a business owner you all must be knowing that letting your customers wander near others is very injurious game and most us won’t like to play it. In the above questions a produced of food products in UK has resources and final food product but doesn’t know where and whom to supply. While a retailer is doesn’t has the final food product to sell to his end customers.

We have a solution to solve this issue among food producers and retailers within UK. A solution that will increase sales of producers and provide quality products to retailers which they can then server to the end users.

In this web application, as retailer you are be able to see the basic details of the production company or can go to the company details page by clicking the button named as “Visit Store”. From Company details page you can view all public details and its products. The search page, Company details page, Product list and Product details page is publicly available to you.

As a food producer in UK you will be able to maintain and update complete details of all of your products as per the Food Standards Agency (UK) and increase your sale by many folds.

Some key points which will help increase your food product sale in UK are:

  1. A separate Company details page, Product list and Product details page for your brand.
  2. Clear, clean and personal communication among you and your supplier.
  3. Make additional income by participating in various campaigns.
  4. Find and connect with buyer/seller as per your choice.

If you are a food product producer or a retailer in UK and want to increase your sales and corresponding profits contact us right away.

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