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Based in India, the world’s fastest growing research and development country, our company is a Node.js development company, which was started to help large corporations and start-up businesses a like. Similar in design to other systems

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Node.js, the revolutionary app building platform


Based in India, the world’s fastest growing research and development country, our company is a Node.js development company, which was started to help large corporations and start-up businesses alike. Similar in design to other systems such as Ruby’s Event Machine’ and Pyton’s’ Twisted’, Node.js is uniquely different. Node.js companies developed a platform with no limiting technology such as Twisted’s’ blocking call that is required to start an event – loop. The technology was created to multiply the speed of real time data streaming applications, therefore the Node.js is extremely good at handling dynamic and large mobile and web applications created on a database. Node.js is revolutionary in the development world due to the fact that is now able to create rich back end without losing any speed or proficiency.

So what are the key features of Node.js development?

For many, Node.js is a complicated platform that can be hard to understand. However here a few points to try and explain the basics of the ground-breaking tech.


Highly competent websites

Easy to install and execute data

Rapid development process

Cloud scalability and compatibility

API Development and Integration

Capable of managing E-commerce websites

The Node.js Technology

Many professional developers will confirm the fact that there is no stronger platform to develop apps than JavaScript. For that reason the Node.js is pure JavaScript,yet built on a v8 engine. This v8 engine enables Node.js to work extremely fast and in a reliable state. The v8 engine is supported by a non-blocking, lightweight and efficient i/o object model which is used by multi billion dollar companies such as Twitter, Google chrome and Dow Jones. This all creates the fastest app platform in the industry.

In addition the Node.js technology works on event loop processing. This means that unlike any other framework, Node.js is scalable for real-time apps.

The use of Websockets’ channels, creates a link between the client and the server. This is an additional feature that makes it easy to built real-time applications such as games and chat engines, both for individuals and companies alike.

Experts Node.js Developers

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the Node.js technology is the team that comes with it. There are multiple options and steps that the team take to help all clients.


Let the team communicate with you on skype or email. They will discuss the ideas and the visions that you have.

Once the user story is delivered,the client themselves can test out, and whether you accept the story or reject it, you can give feedback wither way.

The team create a user story from your ideas. This will define the extent of the project and ensure that both the client and the team understand the do’s and the do not’s.

Feedback will be given, the client can check the status of the project anytime.

Over the next days and weeks, the team will respond to you with the wireframes for the users stories.They will ask for feedback and incorporate their ideas with the designers.

The development team will spend a few weeks on the development cycle. They will test and demo the ideas

In conclusion the young and new Indian development team have perfected the ability to use JavaScript language on the server. Node.js has all the power of the original Javascript, yet allows you as a client to develop vibrant websites in new ways.


Eternal has got extensive experience in outsourcing Node.js web application development service to India.

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