Task Manager Application For Jewellery business.

Jewellery Business workflow Automation.

We have an existing customer who likes to develop an application to manage their Jewellery business workflow. Right now they are managing orders via excel sheet which is definitely not a good practice for the long term for any business.

They would like to design a system where the taking care of the Tasks will be very easy among the team and departments.


  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • AWS


They are managing things with Excel sheet so its difficult for us to understand calculations and flow from the Sheet as it was not created by professional. Also, the process of any Jewellery design through product involved many stages and we have to consider all the stage precisely because its all calculation based and after all its Gold so calculation must be accurate. They need to integrate this system with their employee performance as well as with HR system.

During the development process, it's difficult for us to get feedback on each stage and UAT was very difficult for us and we have to change many screens as a change request after development.


We started analyzing Spread Sheet. They have been using Spreadsheet for last 3 years. Initially its difficult to understand their terminology but gradually we used to with terms.

  • Interviewing various department.
  • Design sketches for the workflow based on meetings with stack holders.
  • Exploring and Document formula for each stage.
  • Collect all requirements and well documented.
  • Select the latest technology and start development.
  • Setup AWS staging server for mid-development updates.
  • Test and Go Live.


With the system now they have hold of the entire process.

They can manage tasks assigned to an individual with ease. Its easy for top management to check which order at which stage and a possible reason for the delay. They can also change priority and they can also manage people those are working outside the organization.

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