Is WordPress right choice for your Project?

The truth- WordPress is a very powerful CMS tool that offers you many tools with an easy understandable and robust application programming interface (API). It also has a large community of developers and designers that contribute 24×7 for its betterment. Over the years WordPress come a long way from its version 2.9. This is the main reason behind many suggesting to use WordPress for your projects.

Do you even have the slightest clue, why people suggest using WordPress?

According to WordPress, WordPress is an open source platform that does not require any underlying code maintenance on which your site is built on, because if any issue does arise, before it troubles you the community of developers will tackle it and push it towards you as a software update. The core of WordPress is built such you can customize it easily by using themes without having to touch the code. If required to add new features all you have to do is use plugins and use the extended functions available to you. In fact WordPress is so simple that the 60 million users use it easily and if required find help online easily.

If this is too technical for you, in simple English WordPress say the core of the software is built thanks to the thousands of volunteers and the thousands of plugins available that can transform your site into what you desire. No wonder more than 60 million people choose WordPress to power their ‘home’.

So by now you must have found our WordPress is a popular framework and with the 24×7 help available in case you get stuck in any problem is also the cause behind it being the right choice. Another beauty of WordPress is, it does not matter what level of experience you have in programming, it is very easy to start and as you go along the way you will become a program expert. Being a light content management system (CMS), if ever you like to change website, add or modify pages for your website, publish articles for your blog, then also WordPress is the right choice.

Yes, in today’s world with many options available and technology improving by the day you are bound to be confused and unable to make the right decision to use a specific technology that serves your purposes of reaching out to maximum number of visitors, and impressing them all at a reasonable cost

The ultimate goal of a web master, a blogger, a business is to attract as many visitors as possible and try to impress them, convince them to buy your products or services. Conversion is a very important factor that is considered when developing a website.

WordPress has acquired the reputation of being the best open-source platform available today for a personal blog site to professional business websites. Being an open –source it has the skill set, knowledge and expertise of a global technical community developing it, improving it. Also, you need not pay a single penny in license fee for using this amazing technology.

Why do we use WordPress?

The main reason behind using WordPress was the need of a blog engine to publish articles and tutorials on a daily basis, on top WordPress has been around for quite a while, hence; the underlying code has become robust. Familiarity is the other reason. Most know the ins and outs of WordPress and that PHP is the main programming language used and till date many sites have been developed using WordPress, also the familiarity around the codes saves the user a lot of time.

Nevertheless, here are some points that will clarify, why WordPress is the right choice:

1. Know what you want

Before you begin to check out any WordPress theme you should have a checklist ready for e.g.:

  • Responsive layout
  • Content slider
  • Widgetized footer
  • A certain color scheme
  • Ability to disable sidebar in certain pages etc.

In short- group the features you want like essentials, nice to use and options etc. This will help you in finding the right theme and ignore the ones that are of no use to you, save you your time. If you go theme shopping without having a checklist of what you want, you will be buying eyes closed. All plugins look the ideal one, but if you know what you want you will not be buying useless plugins or themes.

2. Where to your WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are available from three places. The first is obvious themes directory, which is the shop or market place for WordPress. This place has Pros and Cons.

Pros: The themes are available for free. Before they are publically available all of them go through a thorough review process. Most of the popular themes are supported and with the good rating system you can filter out the good ones and pick the best one out.

Cons: The support available is not guaranteed. Some might have fewer features than what you saw in the advertisement, though this is not a bad thing in a sense.

The second place is Theme Shop, again the Pros and Cons are:

Pros: Only a few Google searchers can actually tell you what you will be expecting at a theme shop. Though for the established ones the support is mostly between great and legendary and the code- is also top-notch.

Cons: Quite few. Some themes require pairing up with plugins, some might require you purchasing license allowing you to use any of the themes, when actually you need only one. Though considered the most expensive option among the three, is still cheaper than customized designing.

Some of the best WordPress theme shops are: Elegant Themes, Studiopress and WooThemes.

The third is Theme Marketplace and the Pros and Cons are:

Pros: Almost all themes are available here. Also most of the marketplace theme authors are world-class WordPress designers and developers.

Cons: The marketplace has a flea market feel to it. The easiest way for a theme to stand out is if it has a long list of silly features. More features mean more useless features that can be critical, so be careful.

So far ThemeForest is the most popular theme marketplace available. But, remember before you purchase this theme ask yourself why do you want to buy it, because of the 600+ Google Fonts available or the choice of 8 different sliders.

3. You should know what to avoid

Before you decide to purchase a theme, you should be aware of what the theme can or cannot do. Here’s a simple illustration:

A Gardner is at work on his project (trimming the flowers) and is wearing gloves to protect his hands. As his works progresses, at a point he notices his gloves have worn out, hence requires to change them. But obvious his scissors, tweezers or other tools will not be requiring any change as so. Now imagine- the tools are designed to function with the original gloves that are worn out. So this means you will need to change the tools as well.

Or simpler- WordPress can be considered your gloves and the WordPress themes the tools. Be careful of themes that have in-built functions (tools that work with a particular theme). Your tool (WordPress) should work with any glove (theme). A theme has an inbuilt “SEO framework” that handles all your title tags, Meta descriptions, noindexes, and what no’s. If you have to move to another theme means you could lose all this vital information.

Not so surprisingly- Recently WooThemes, the premier WordPress theme shop; themselves ditched their own SEO framework and gave advice to their users to switch to Yoast WordPress plugins instead. Remember if a programmer advices you to use the code of someone else, do so.

4. Check Background

Even if the WordPress themes cost less, does not mean you should not do a thorough research on them before purchasing. After all, whenever you purchase anything online you do read the reviews first, right; well here it should be no different. The reviews are just a search away so use a little time to read the reviews and on the conclusion based on these reviews purchase.


WordPress is definitely the best option for your project and with the themes and plugins developed especially for making this more user friendly it is the ultimate choice. Yes be careful on the themes you choose, as a wrong chosen theme will cause you issues and nothing else. Most of the themes do not offer you a get out of jail free card, hence; you will have to pay a developer. If you do not want to do so, understand the four steps carefully and begin your website.

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